Are we alone in the universe or is there life out there somewhere?

It’s one of the great unanswered mysteries, and one with huge repercussions on humanity’s sense of itself. Any definitive proof of extraterrestrial life would be the biggest discovery in the history of science, as well as raising a lot of awkward questions for religious leaders here on Earth.

Irish bookmaker Paddy Power is wading into the debate, offering odds on this fundamental issue. That alien extraterrestrial life might be proven this year is given at 5/1, with odds of 1/10 that it comes next year or later. Interestingly there is no time limit, so no way of betting that no signs will be found.

The 2019 odds seem particularly stingy as thus far there has been no indication that such a discovery is imminent, or likely.

The Breakthrough Listen project, a decade-long privately-funded project set up to scour the universe for signs of life, has, after more than three years, uncovered no useful evidence. Nevertheless, the project has barely scratched the surface of potential candidates. As described by SETI, the latest results represent “only a minuscule sample of the total planetary population.”

Are They Already Here?

Of course, many people believe that alien life has long been proven, it has simply been hidden away by authorities. A recent Facebook event Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us is attempting to gather a crowd to force entry into the Area 51 facility, gain access to the bunkers, and, finally, “see them aliens.” At time of writing the event has 646,000 confirmed attendees, with another 600,000 interested but as yet uncommitted.