Different Types Of Football Bets

Football games, whether they are professional or collegiate, draw huge crowds to online football bets. The big college game will also draw a lot of betting interest, as will all NFL games. 

There are many ways to place a bet in the betting world. In this overview of the most popular football bets, let’s learn about how they all operate. 

Different Types Of Football Bets

Why Football betting?

Football is the most popular sport during the autumn and winter months on online bets. 

From the start of the regular season until the conclusion of the NFL and NCAA, there is a lot of betting activity. Thus, it attracts a comparatively higher amount of crowd.

However, every week, there are numerous games to consider and bets you can make. Concentrating on money lines or props at first, you can keep it simple and add more later as your talents advance.

So, let’s understand the different varieties of betting with regard to Football.

Match result

Simply put, a match result bet is on the team you believe will win the game. You have three choices for every bet of this kind. winning at home, winning away, or a tie.

Result Bet

A result bet is a kind of football bet that enables you to stake money on the team you believe will win the match or on the team, you believe has a better probability of scoring more goals than their overall goal total. 

There are numerous ways to participate in result bets, with the super six being one of the most well-liked options. Before deciding, you can acquire a lot of web advice on the super 6.

Double chance

The betting on the match result and the double chance is quite similar. The main distinction is that you can protect against two scenarios. 

You might place a bet that Liverpool will win or draw if you wish to double your chances of winning. However, given that your chances of losing have decreased, doing so would come with worse odds.

If you don’t anticipate a draw, you might alternatively decide to cover a “home” or “away” bet with the choice to go for “draw” or “away.”

Correct Score (CS)

For these football bets, the right score must be predicted within the typical 90 minutes of play. Typically, scores are reported as either the Home Team Score or the Away Team Score.

Due to the fact that there are numerous different score lines for each game, the odds are frequently fairly high. It’s difficult to forecast the right outcome and win, though.

You must be aware of your team’s scoring tendencies if you want to succeed in this football bet. The majority of sites provide groups of the same sort. 

You can choose from a variety of score lines here, such as 1-0, 2-0, or 2-1. In these situations, your chances rise, but your odds fall. However, they will still be greater than the straight match result bet.

Goalscorer markets

The ability to forecast who will score goals is another bet that every site will present. 

First scorer, last scorer, and anytime scorer are different markets. You are given a price and asked to name the player you think will score. 

Even if it’s heartbreaking to see your preferred first goal scorer score the second goal, you earn better odds by betting on the anytime market. If your player scores in the anytime market, you win.

Both teams to score (BTTS)

Picking games where they think both teams will score is another common bet made by gamblers. With the added satisfaction of always having a chance to win until the very end of the game, this prediction is seen to be a little simpler than predicting who will win the match. It’s unusual for a 5-0 victory to still be interesting to watch.


In that it is linked to numerous bets, a teaser bet is comparable to a parlay. The distinction is that it is limited to point spreads and is intended to produce a payment that is equivalent to that of a single ordinary bet rather than a high reward.

Asian Handicap Bet

An Asian Handicap bet allows you to place your bet on the team you believe will win the match or on the team you believe has a better probability of achieving more goals than their total. 

You should compare the normal factors, such as the number of goals each player has made and the number of games each player has won, before placing this bet.

Live Betting

After the match has begun, bets are made in real-time through live betting, commonly referred to as in-game betting. The odds and offerings will often change throughout the game in this fast-paced market. 

Over / under

It is a sort of bet, sometimes known as a total bet, in which the bettor must choose the overall number of goals in a game. The punter’s task is to forecast whether there will be additional or fewer goals than the specified line. It should be noted that in this bet, we are going to guess the total number of goals scored during the game. 

This implies that we can still win the bet even if one of the rivals doesn’t score at all. This type of bet also comes in a variety of forms; for instance, you can bet on the total goals scored in a specific half or the total goals scored by a given team. 

Asian goal lines are one of the more well-liked variations of the Over/Under bet. It’s important to note that 2,5 goals are the most widely used goal line for Over/Under bets. When placing this kind of bet, it’s a good idea to research both teams’ prior performances and goal totals. 

Corner bets

It is a conditional bet on how many corners a game will have. This is comparable to Over/Under betting. Although it is one of the riskier bets, the chances of winning are typically rather good. 

The line that the bookmaker is offering, in this case, is the most crucial element. You may need to bet on the line of 14–15 corners in order to achieve favorable odds. 

And while the statistics indicate that every game has a few corners, it is still a pretty unpredictable event. It should be noticed that lower lines with 5 or 6 corners have relatively low probabilities. The number of corners in a certain half can also be bet on. In games with teams who prefer an offensive style of play, it is recommended to bet on Over corners. Goals and several corners are both likely to occur in such games.

Half-time / Full-time bets


Also known as a double result bet, this type of bet requires you to predict the result of the game at both halftime and the conclusion of play. In this kind of bet, the bettor must choose which team will lead after the first half, and that will prevail overall. 

Different Types Of Football Bets


The majority of experienced gamblers who are not scared to take risks are advised to place this kind of bet. It should be noted that, sometimes, even the favorites may have a difficult time during the entire game, not to mention the first half. 

Additionally, data show that a goalless tie is the most typical football halftime outcome. As a result, the odds for such bets might be very alluring. Even when betting on an obvious favorite, you can still earn a significant sum of money if you predict that he will lead at halftime and maintain the lead until the final siren. 

The wisest choice you can make now that you are aware of the various bet types and how they relate to each sport is determined by which suits you the most.

Determine which sports are ideal for player props if you can forecast player performance more accurately than team performance.

If you’re concerned about team performance like the majority of bettors are, you should decide if spread or money line bets are the better option for your preferred sport.

Betting on totals is preferable to money lines and spreads if you are better at gauging a game’s tempo.

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