Is Ecuador Kicked Out From FIFA World Cup 2022?

There’s a high possibility that Ecuador national team will not be allowed to take part in the upcoming FIFA World Cup. In the latest news regarding the ongoing case, some new evidence has been brought to light pushing Ecuador further and further into the realm of being guilty of fielding an ineligible player in their national squad for the world cup.

It will a lot of shame to the entire football management organization of Ecuador if they are proven guilty of allowing such a contemptible offense to occur. 

Will Ecuador Be Banned From FIFA World Cup 

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According to the accusations against Ecuador, Bryon Castillo used a false birthday certificate of being born in Ecuador to play for the national football team of Ecuador.

Per the charges against Bryon, he was born in Colombia in 1995 but got a false birthday certificate showing that he was born in Ecuador in 1998. This entire situation broke into the limelight in May earlier this year when the Chilean Football Federation raised questions of concern and suspicion about a player being granted Ecuadorian citizenship.

However, this complaint by the Chilean federation was discarded by FIFA, stating that Castillo was born in Ecuador as per his birth certificate.

How Will It Benefit Chile If Ecuador Is Banned?

If such an allegation were allowed to prevent Ecuador from appearing in the World cup, this would result in global humiliation of the central football governing body of the world. On the other hand, if Ecuador is disqualified from the world cup, this will automatically grant Chili a seat to appear in Qatar as they will move above Ecuador in the South American qualifiers giving them enough points to qualify for the world cup.

This would happen if FIFA followed the precedent and granted Chili two 0-3 victories over Ecuador for this offense of fielding an ineligible player. The changed name of the Ecuadorian player, which was also allegedly given in that audio confession, was Byron David Castillo Segura which has a suspicious resemblance to Byron David Castillo Segura, his name stated in the Ecuadorian birth certificate.

Latest Development In Byron Castillo Fake ID Case

Byron also gave a detailed description of Tumaco in Colombia, making all this evidence more sensible and believable. This suspicious situation regarding Castillo’s identity first came up in 2015 when a move between North America and Club Emelec couldn’t happen because there were similar irregularities with Bryon’s documentation.

Another issue was that his Colombian birth certificate was in line with all the records of the foreign ministry. However His

Ecuadorian birth certificate wasn’t even registered with the nation’s civil registers.

However, this never happened, and FIFA quashed Chili’s complaint in the matter in June, and it was thought by everyone as if this case of done and dusted. However, some recent evidence has come into the light out of nowhere and has suddenly reignited this case.

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The evidence arrived right before the Appeal commission was scheduled to announce the final order in this complaint.

An audio recording dating back four years was provided by a certain publication. In the audio, Bryon can be heard saying that he was actually in 1995 and not in 1998, which is what his Ecuadorian birth certificate shows. He also confirmed having been given a new identity and name after he arrived in Ecuador from Colombia by a business. A letter was also published along with the said audio confession stating that Castillo is a Colombian-born national born in Tumaco in 1995.

Case Against Ecuador Waiting For Final Verdict

However, Bryon was officially ruled an Ecuadorian citizen by the Ecuador Football Federation  [ FEF ] in 2019. Therefore this matter is now at the complete discretion of FIFA, which will be under tremendous pressure to decide this sensitive case before the Qatar world cup, which starts on 20th November.

Once the Appeal commission delivers its final verdict on this case, this entire situation is so complex and even confusing that one can’t have its proper understanding without studying Sportmail’s report on the concerned matter in depth.

Actions taken against Ecuador will have huge effects on the entire South American world cup qualifying table because if all the matches of Ecuador are fortified, then many teams will move up or down in the points table. The entire structure of the FIFA World Cup will have to be adjusted if the South American country is expelled from the competition.  

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