China To Gift Qatar Two Huge Pandas For World Cup 2022

China has declared that it will give the Arab nation of Qatar a very special gift — two enormous Chinese pandas — as it prepares to host the football World Cup.

China To Gift Qatar Two Giant Pandas

China To Gift Qatar Two Huge Pandas For World Cup 2022
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At a reception, the envoy said that this is a gift given by the 1.4 billion Chinese people to Qatar for the World Cup and will undoubtedly serve as a new testament to their friendship. 

China may show how closely connected it is to other countries by giving them their national animal.

China had a miserable time advancing to the 2022 World Cup; they were eliminated in the third round of the Asian qualifications after placing fifth in their group, ahead of only Vietnam, who humiliated them 3-1 in February.

Chinese Not Competing 2022 World Cup

Due to their inability to produce talented young players, China did not make it to the World Cup in Qatar later this year, and they will not have any easier access to the following soccer championship in four years, according to former captain Feng Xiaoting

China only played in the World Cup in 2002, when they were eliminated in the group stage after finishing second from last in their group in the final round of Asian qualifying. While there won’t be a Chinese side competing in the 2022 World Cup, some Chinese businesses have played a significant role in infrastructure-building. 

The major competition arena, Lusail Stadium, was constructed with assistance from China Railway Construction Corporation.

Bears As Gifts To Foreign Nations

Since the Second World War, China has given the bears as gifts to foreign nations as a gesture of friendliness. The practice of sending enormous pandas from China to other nations as a diplomatic gesture is known as panda diplomacy. 

Pandas were a gift from China to other nations between 1941 and 1984. Pandas were no longer gifted but were rented after a change in policy in 1984.

Habitat-wise, the giant panda bear, currently only found in China, is revered by the locals as a sign of harmony and goodwill. The government has employed the animal for many years as part of its “panda diplomacy” to achieve the greatest possible political impact.

Since 1957, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has given giant pandas native to its territory to other nations as a gesture of friendship. However, the PRC has frequently withheld the gift to express its displeasure with the prospective recipient. 

When the PRC gave the former Soviet Union “Ping Ping,” the trend was set off 60 years ago. Following this, identical presents were given to North Korea and the United States as a “symbol of friendship and goodwill,” according to the state-run Xinhua agency. 

However, as the bear grew endangered, the government ended this strategy of sending bears away in 1982. Instead, China’s soft diplomacy changed, and the bears started to be lent out to particular nations.

Suhail And Soraya Arabic names For Pandas

This summer, pandas also became a universal representation of successful conservation. After 30 years of government-led recovery efforts, the creatures’ natural population has nearly doubled, and the Chinese officials declared them non-endangered.

China To Gift Qatar Two Huge Pandas For World Cup 2022
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Suhail and Soraya are Arabic names for stars given to pandas.

One of the Gulf’s brightest stars is known by the name Suhail, and the Pleiades star cluster is known by the Arabic name Soraya. The tournament’s first game, between Qatar and Ecuador, will take place on Sunday, November 20.

On Monday, November 21, England will play Iran in the tournament’s second game before the AFCON champion Senegal plays the Netherlands and the USA play Wales. The pandas will be sent before the commencement of the tournament.

22nd FIFA World Cup

The 22nd FIFA World Cup, an international men’s football competition held every four years between the senior national teams of FIFA member nations, is scheduled to take place in 2022.

This will be the first Globe Cup ever played in the Arab world and the second World Cup exclusively held in Asia after South Korea and Japan events in 2002. The competition will also include 32 teams for the final time; by comparison, 48 teams will compete in the United States, Mexico, and Canada in 2026.

China To Gift Qatar Two Huge Pandas For World Cup 2022
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Due to the intense summer heat in Qatar, this World Cup will be the first to take place in the northern autumn rather than May, June, or July. It will also be played over a shorter period of about 29 days. The competition will happen between late November and mid-December.

The tournament’s opening match will be between Qatar and Ecuador at Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor. On December 18, 2022, which also happens to be Qatar National Day, the final is set to take place. France is the current World Cup champion.

Due to the impending World Cup, excitement is growing in Qatar as it prepares to host the first FIFA World Cup in the Middle East and Arab region. 

On November 21, 2022, the 22nd edition of the event will begin, and fans of all ages cannot wait to watch their favorite teams in action.

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