This policy details what information we may collect when you access and use the website and the content shared on the website. It also has information about the storage, use, transfer, and deletion of such information. It also contains important information regarding how such information is processed, which may relate to you and your statutory rights. and Data Protection

Although does not store or transfer your personal data permanently, our servers may temporarily store such information for a limited period and only for legitimate reasons. We do not collect or retain your personal data longer than is absolutely necessary for the purposes we state.  However, you should be aware that this information may be held in databases that can be accessed by other companies. All these companies will strictly comply with the standards set out in this Policy when accessing your personal data.

By accessing and browsing this website and thereby submitting personal data to, you shall be deemed to have given your consent to us to collect and process your personal data. Further, you are deemed to have specifically agreed to the following:

  1. Processing of your data in this context means the collection, storage, usage, transfer, disclosure, or deletion of personal information. Such processing by is done in compliance with and as per the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This means your personal data is processed solely for authorized purposes,  is stored only as long as necessary, and only the minimum amount of personal data required for proper website behavior is processed.
  1. Any information about an individual which can be used to identify that person can be considered “personal information” or “personal data”. This does not include information where the identity has been removed, which is referred to as “anonymous information”. The personal information collected, stored, used, or transferred by us can be grouped together as follows:
    1. Profile Information – This includes your email address and password, if applicable. Any other information that is provided while logged in with a profile, such as feedback, questionnaire responses, preferences, and settings is also considered to be included in this.
  1. Technical Information – This includes your IP address, browser information (type, version, plugins, extensions, etc.), location, and time zone settings, device information (operating system and platform), and any other technical data relating to your device.
  1. Usage Information: This includes information about how you use the website, for example, which sections of the website you visit most often.
  1. When you access the website or use one of our services, we shall collect personal information directly from you. This data shall only be used to 
  1. Conduct an analysis of our databases and systems to improve the way our website is run according to user preferences.
  1. Meet with legal obligations or exercise rights.
  1. We shall process your personal information for the purposes mentioned in this section only when and if
  1. Your consent is received for using your data in that way, or
  1. There is a necessity to use your personal data to support legitimate business interests (to improve the user experience or carry out website analytics), and only in a manner that respects your privacy.
  1. We work with legitimate third parties for efficient management of our business and services. As such, the following parties may from time to time need access to your personal information:
  1. Data processors or service providers (cloud services, for example)  who handle your personal information on our behalf and as per our instructions.
  1. Analytics service providers (such as Google) process your personal information and use them for their own purposes as Data Controllers.
  1. Legal authorities to whom we are under a duty to disclose for complying with a legal obligation, or to safeguard our interests and security.
  2. Third parties who acquire in the event we sell or re-organize any businesses or assets.

Know Your Rights

  1. You have the right to obtain confirmation from us that is processing your personal data. Further, you also have the right to have access to such data.
  1. As is the case that you have provided the implicit consent to process your personal data, you may also at any time withdraw this consent and stop accessing the website. However, this will not affect the legality and validity of processing done in the past.
  1. You also have the right to rectify incomplete or incorrect data, taking into account the purpose of the data processing.
  1. You also have the right to request the deletion of your information in certain circumstances. These circumstances are detailed below:
  1. You have withdrawn your consent and there is no longer any legal basis on which we can continue to process your data.
  2. The information is no longer required for the purposes it was collected.
  3. Your information has been processed unlawfully.
  4. For the purposes of compliance with the law, the information has to be deleted.

However, kindly note that shall be exempt from this obligation, in the circumstances that it is not practically possible to comply with, or if it is impossible to verify the identity of the requester. We shall only be able to comply with requests where the identity of the customer is verifiable.