England Kit For FIFA World Cup 2022 Revealed

England”s home and away Kit for the 2022 world cup that is happening for the first time in winter and a gulf country has been revealed. England’s kits will be in the traditional white and blue, and red color – giving a slight reminiscence of the jersey worn by English players back in 1990.

Slated for November 2022, the World Cup 2022 will be a pivotal event for the national selections, players, fans, and various equipment manufacturers. Amidst all the excitement and anticipation, the team’s jersey will be at the center and will be scrutinized heavily. Therefore, the kit’s manufacturer, Nike, took its time and came up with designs that genuinely represent the country’s culture and are manufactured with the latest technology to tackle the generally hot weather of Qatar efficiently.

England World Cup 2022 Kit Revealed

England Kit For FIFA World Cup 2022 Revealed
Pic Credit: telegraph.co.uk

England is still looking for its second coronation as a World Cup winner since 1966. Although the three lions came close to grabbing the glory second time in Russia 2018, their hopes were thwarted in the semifinals. But this time, things are different.

England currently boasts one of the world’s strongest lineups, with star players like the great Henry Kane and the magnificent Raheem Sterling. On top of that, Gareth Southgate has at his disposal a whole bench of extraordinarily talented young players that includes Phil Foden, Bukayo Saka, and many more.

Expectations are high; however, the first thing to ensure is that you dazzle on the pitch with an outfit that represents your zeal. True? Now it’s confirmed what the English players will adorn for the mega event that will witness the clashes between the 32 best football teams in the world.

England 2022 World Cup Home Kit Design

With Nike as the official brand for designing the kits, three lions will wear two different shirts for the Qatar 2022 world cup. One is the England 2022 world cup home kit, and the other is the world cup away kit.

Official England, 2022 world cup home kit includes a predominantly white shirt accompanied by touches of blue on the shoulders and sleeves. The color, as well as the design, appears to be reminiscent of the 1996 Euro Cup.

First looks give you a feel of the classic past-era jerseys; however, the various shades of blue blend in the classic white with modern design. Navy shorts and white socks further compliment the jersey, and that’s how the England 2022 world cup home kit has been completed.

England 2022 World Cup Away Kit Design

The away kit is rather dazzling, red being the dominating color. Although there are a few sprinkles of dark and light blue on the collar and sleeves, the jersey is primarily red. The design is so strikingly similar that it’s hard not to link the current and the 1990s jersey worn by English players. Furthermore, the jersey is completed by similarly red in color shorts as well as red socks.

Fans Commented About The New English Jersey

Since the unveiling of the England 2022 world cup kit, many fans have voiced their opinion about what’s good and what’s not so appealing about the kits. The sparkling red has gone well with the fans, but not the calming white. To fans, the home kit is a little too soft, and they do not wish their team to go soft in the world cup.

On the other hand, the red truly represents the rage of the Loins, something the fans truly want from the English team. But there’s still a tiny bunch of English supporters who think that the home kit is not that awful, and the outcry is a bit of overreaction.

Which Brand Is Most Prominent In 2022 World Cup Kits?

For the 2022 FIFA World Cup, 32 teams have qualified, and Nike will appear on most of the team’s kits.

To be exact, the American brand will be present on 13 team kits; interestingly, England is one of them. The other teams that will have the logo of Nike on their jersey are France, Portugal, Brazil, England, Canada, South Korea, Croatia, United States, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Australia, and Qatar.

Adidas and Puma were also in the race; however, Nike grabbed the most significant chunk. Adidas has contracts with six teams, including Spain, Germany, Belgium, Mexico, Argentina, and Japan. At the same time, PUMA also had six teams under its contract: Switzerland, Senegal, Ghana, Uruguay, Morocco, and Serbia.

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