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Jill And Joe Biden Unveil “Fexting” But May Not Know Filthy Roots!!

There is something missing in Jill Biden’s vocabulary. She has spoken up about her 45-year marriage to Joe Biden, 79, in an intimate new interview, although she seemed unaware of the filthy nature of a particular pastime the two share.

‘Fexting’ Has Been Revealed By Jill And Joe – But May Not Know Its Obscene Origins!!

“Fexting” is how Jill and her husband resolve their “occasional” arguments, according to her admission to Harper’s Bazaar on Monday.

Jill And Joe Biden Unveil Fexting But May Not Know Filthy Roots

Urban Dictionary, however, describes the phrase as a vulgar colloquialism that undoubtedly means “f–king while texting,” contrary to what the Bidens may believe. The slang term is defined as “f–king while texting.”

As the website points out, “Fexting” can be used in a variety of situations other than referring to the act of sending text messages.

Fake text messages and excessively sexual Facebook messages are also examples of this term, according to the website.

Joe and I have been “texting” for more than a decade, the first female may instantly declare in her own G-rated definition of the phrase.

Instead of disagreeing with the then-vice chairman in front of the Secret Service, Jill Biden told Harper she had begun the exercise and returned once she became 2nd lady, saying she could squabble with her partner through message.

“Fext” Is Still A Part Of Their Relationship, And The FLOTUS Has Revealed That She Just Sent A Harsh Message To Her Husband!

Texts and emails sent and received by President Trump and First Lady Michelle Obama have been archived and are part of a record of every presidency.

Although Jill and her husband, to whom she has been married since 1977, have had their disagreements over text messages, she said she still supports him in general.

“I try to help Joe because I don’t know how many people are saying to him, ‘That was amazing.’ ” ‘Brilliant’ is how I’d describe it now. It is my goal, she said, “to be that guy or woman for him.”

A new Rasmussen Reports survey found that only 43 percent of the likely electorate approve of the president’s work and performance, while 55 percent disapprove. Harper’s interview with the president was released on the same day. The most recent Emerson poll put his approval rating as low as 38 percent.

“Ridiculous” is how Jill describes her theory about her husband’s mental health, which she has long defended.

In January, she said she had taken on a “recuperation role” during Joe’s first year in office because of the coronavirus pandemic, herbal failures, and significant political tensions.

I needed to know that my president and primary female cared about me,” she said. “I assume that’s a critical component of what I do. I’m talking about just being there for people when they’re in need.”

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