James Gunn’s Friend Michael Rosenbaum Introduced Jennifer Holland To Him

James Gunn is a 55 years old American filmmaker, who is also an actor. He began his career as a screenwriter, then started working as a director; he has also written for series’ and directed them. 

Michael Rosenbaum, A friend Of James Gunn, Introduced Him To Jennifer Holland

Michael Rosenbaum is a 49 years-old American actor who has played in movies like Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Urban Legend, and many more. He is known as a podcaster now, for his podcast Inside Of You with Michael Rosenbaum.

Jennifer Holland is a 35 years old American actress, mostly known for her work as Emilia Harcourt in Suicide Squad. She is also well known because of her work on the television series, Peacemaker.

James Gunn’s girlfriend, Jennifer Holland, and he have been dating since 2015. They were introduced by Gunn’s friend Michael Rosenbaum, who played Lex Luthor in the TV show Smallville. Rosenbaum took the initiative and introduced Gunn and Holland.

James Gunn's Friend Michael Rosenbaum Introduced Jennifer Holland To Him

The director of Guardians of the Galaxy had seen her photo and wanted to know who she was; that’s why Michael introduced Holland to James Gunn. Rosenbaum was dating one of Holland’s friends, then. Rosenbaum’s then-girlfriend proposed to the Peacemaker actress, on a blind date.

Holland had never heard of James before the introduction. She admits the same in one of the interviews, saying she had not known him earlier. At first, she admitted that she refused to go out with him and that she wasn’t aware of who he was or what he does.

But she later agreed to go on a date with him and she says how great their first date was.

When Holland was asked for a first date, she looked him up online and found Gunn very charming. Before she checked him up online, he gave her some weird vibes and it didn’t feel good at first, says Jennifer.

However, she agreed to go out with Gunn and their first date lasted for seven hours. She confessed saying, “I just had told him my complete life story” which was incredible.

She felt comfortable, she felt so safe after the first date, they have not looked back, and now, they are engaged. What then felt weird, now seems like forever, and it has been amazing ever since. The couple is very happy together and is very excited about their new journey together.

The couple got engaged in February 2022; they announced their engagement through an Instagram post. Many celebrities congratulated them right away, including Steve Agee and Viola Davis.

On Twitter, John Cena congratulated them and offered to preside over the event in his renowned outfit, if the firm would loan it to him.

James and Michael, have worked together on numerous projects. They are just not lovebirds when it comes to work; they both are very professional and take their work very seriously.

The couple hasn’t announced their wedding, yet, their admirers are eagerly waiting for them to exchange vows. The actress will marry for the first time, while Gunn will marry for the second time. He was formerly married to Jenna Fischer, with whom he had a six-year relationship.

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