Augur Betting

Blockchain Gambling “in just three clicks” Arrives as Augur Celebrates First Birthday

  On July 9th 2018, a new blockchain-based gambling application was launched to what was then largely muted applause. Augur was then the world's first...
Augur Coin

Augur’s 2019 Price Run Brings Crypto Gambling Back into Focus

In recent months, a number of gambling market analysts have been turning their attention to the potential of blockchain technology to fundamentally change the...
Blockchain Gambling

What is the Future of Blockchain Technology Bringing to Gambling Exactly?

According to a number of analysts, blockchain technology offers the potential to disrupt a range of industries: banking, logistics, ticketing, intellectual property management ......
Blockchain Gambling

Betfair’s Blockchain Competitor Could be a “Nightmare” for Regulators

In October, we reported on the release of a new blockchain-based gambling platform known as Augur and how it represents a potential paradigm shift...
Gambler with gun

New Blockchain Betting App Set to Change Online Gambling

The Day of the Jackal, Frederick Forsyth's 1970's thriller novel, recounts a failed assassination attempt on the life of Charles de Gaulle during the Algerian...

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