This year’s Glastonbury festival is still in progress, but it already feels like a vintage year. Headliners Stormzy and The Killers have had triumphant sets, with The Cure, playing later, hoping to add their own “Glastonbury moment”.

For those not lucky enough to be there (the entire complement of 200,000 tickets sold out in half an hour) rolling TV coverage offers access to a who’s who of the music scene, from Dave to Miley Cyrus.

And if the music wasn’t enough, this year it’s also been sunny.

When Glastonbury works, it works very well indeed, and this year it also offers a public tired of Brexit and political maneuvering another vision of a potential Britain.

No surprise then that people are already looking forward to next year.

Glastonbury 2020

The sun has yet to set on this year’s festival, but bookmakers are already predicting who will be playing next year.

According to SkyBet, the current favourites to appear in 2020 are Fleetwood Mac at 7/4, Elton John at 2/1 and Coldplay at 5/2. Fleetwood Mac certainly seem an appropriate choice: they have a huge crowd-pleasing back catalogue and have recently taken to touring again, albeit without key member Lindsey Buckingham.

Similarly, Elton John would surely be tempted. Very few musicians are as well known and beloved, while the recent release of Rocketman has introduced a whole new generation to his work.

Perennial options Paul McCartney and Madonna are also in the mix, at 3/1 and 4/1 respectively.

This year oddsmakers did well picking the lineup, with all three headliners widely predicted to feature in the festival.