Harry and Meghan
Harry and Meghan

It has not taken long for the bookmakers to react to last week’s announcement of a new Royal baby.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who are expecting their baby in the Spring of next year, have commented that they are currently studying a “long list” of possible names.

And as is common for non-sporting events, bookies’ odds are once again showing strong discrepancies on the outcome. William Hill lists Diana as its outright favourite at 8/1, although Ladbrokes simply does not offer the market, preferring to offer up Victoria as its own leading candidate, also priced at 8/1.

Where the two bookmakers appear to converge, however, is in their listing of Arthur and Albert as a top five favourite, both quoted at 10/1 by Ladbrokes and at a slightly more generous 12/1 by Hill.

Other candidates on the list include Winston at 33/1 from Hill, which seems designed to draw in nostalgic punters as opposed to those of a more pragmatic bent; and Donald, likely offered to draw in American punters as opposed to astute ones.

The couple, who have recently just returned from a recent trip to Australia to raise awareness of issues around mental health, appeared to have enjoyed one particular visit to a Sydney zoo. Meghan was seen fraternising with a Joey – the name given to baby Koalas – which, priced as a name for the baby at 500/1 from Hill, seems like a much more likely candidate than Ginger, Brexit or Barack, all available at the same quote.