FIFA World Cup 2022 Group Stage Predictions

The home stretch to the Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 is on. Only two months remain before the kick-off of the football mega event. On November 20, 2022, the world will witness the first game between the host Qatar and Ecuador.

Blues are still the favorite; however, they are not as sharp as in 2018. Neymar’s Brazil and Harry Kane’s England are also possible contenders for the coronation. Likewise, Spain, Argentina, Germany, and the Netherlands can’t be overlooked. But, before any team could claim the coveted world cup trophy, they must survive through the preliminary rounds. Needless to say, the world cup group phase is notorious for big upsets or some ‘dark horse’ running the dreams of a favorite team.

FIFA World Cup 2022: Group Stage Analysis and Prediction

FIFA World Cup 2022 Group Stage Predictions
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The Qatar World Cup group stage will last until December 2, 2022. The group stage draw is clear, and the fans are already voicing their opinion about teams coming out as winners in the preliminary phase. So, what will be the outcome of the football world cup group stage?

To offer our readers a clear picture, we put our experts to work, and here is what they came up with for the FIFA world cup group stage predictions.

Group A

⚽  Teams – Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal, Netherlands

πŸ†  Possible Winners – Netherlands and Senegal

Group A is not the hardest to predict – the host Qatar will play in Group A, but it has to face challenges far superior to its current ability. The return of Virgil van Dijk will surely benefit the Netherlands. They are most likely the top team in group A. Our experts also believe that Senegal won’t have any difficulty against Ecuador, given their excellent performance in the recent Africa Cup of Nations.

Group B

⚽  Teams – England, Iran, Wales, USA

πŸ†  Possible Winners – England and USA

Group B is a little harder to predict. Although Gareth Southgate’s England is the clear favorite, that can’t be said about the remaining three teams. Some are considering the possible clash for the number two in group B will be between Wales and USA. However, Iran is still a force to be reckoned with. Therefore the second place can go anyway; however, if forced to place money on one team, we will bet on the USA.

Group C

⚽  Teams: Argentina, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Poland

πŸ†  Possible Winners – Argentina and Poland

The focal point in Group C will undoubtedly be Lionel Messi. Argentina is one of the favorites to lift the trophy, and their ongoing winning streak of 31 games speaks volumes about how good they are. Saudi Arabia is also in the group, but we think they have no credentials to be considered in the game.

Therefore, the clash for second place will surely be between Mexico and Poland. Both are equally matched; however, the presence of Robert Lewandowski on the Poland side could make a huge difference.

Group D

⚽  Teams – Australia, France, Denmark, Tunisia

πŸ†  Possible Winners – France and Denmark

France is the defending champions; therefore, an easy pick as the top team in group D. Didier Deschamps‘ camp will indeed have to deal with the expectations and, of course, the burden of being the current champions; however, we are optimistic that the blues will easily overcome the challenge in the preliminary round.

Denmark is also loaded with talent, and their recent run in the Euro Cup that took them to the semifinals proves they are a side not to be taken lightly. We consider Denmark to be in second place after France.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Group Stage Predictions
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Group E

⚽  Teams: Germany, Spain, Japan, Costa Rica

πŸ†  Possible Winners – Germany And Spain

In our opinion, Group E is possibly the most one-sided draw in the Football 2022 world cup. Germany and Spain are the two heavyweights in the world’s football arena. Gavi and Pedre adorn the Spanish team, and their coach Luis Enrique has wholly transformed the side. Germany is also a formidable foe and recently underwent a complete makeover to boost its claim on the FIFA World Cup Trophy. The other teams, Japan and Costa Rica are not deficient in any way; however, when you pitch them against the giants like Germany and Spain, the results are not hard to predict.

Group F

⚽  Teams: Belgium, Canada, Morocco, Croatia

πŸ†  Possible Winners – Belgium and Croatia

Group F is open to all kinds of predictions. It’s hard to pinpoint the possible winners. Croatia was the ‘dark horse’ in the previous world cup, reaching the finals. However, since then, they have been in decline and are doubtful of repeating their previous performance. In any case, we still think they will at least be able to overcome the group stage challenge. Other than that, Belgium seems to be the possible winner. It’s possibly the last chance for the so-called golden generation to make a mark, and they surely won’t let it go. However, Canada and Morocco can take on any team and won’t go down quietly.

Group G

⚽  Teams – Cameroon, Brazil, Switzerland, Serbia

πŸ†  Possible Winners – Brazil and Serbia

When the world’s top team is in the group, it’s undoubtedly the most likely candidate for the top position. Brazil is an obvious choice, but the other three teams are equally matched. Similar to Brazil, Serbia and Switzerland both stormed to the qualifiers unbeaten. Therefore, you can place your money on either of them to join Brazil in the top two.

Group H

⚽  Teams – Ghana, Uruguay, Portugal, South Korea

πŸ†  Possible Winners – Uruguay and Portugal

Christiano Ronaldo is the biggest name on the Portugal side; however, Fernando Santos has also included several talents in the team, and the side looks promising. Likewise, Uruguay is another potential opponent that could claim a spot in the top two of Group H.

While Ghana may not pose as formidable a challenge as Portugal or Uruguay, they still boast abilities that might help them cruise past the group stage.

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