Manchester United Confirms: The Man Utd vs FC Sheriff Europa League Match Will Go Ahead

Queen Elisabeth II of England passed away peacefully at Balmoral, ending the reign of the longest-living monarch of the nation. The entire United kingdom was taken back after the queen’s death, and an official country-wide 17-day mourning began.

All Football League Matches Postponed

Various activities throughout the UK have been postponed or canceled on this sorrowful occasion. All the premier league matches, football league matches as well as the matches in the women’s super league have been postponed for the same reason, out of respect for the late Queen of England.

Manchester United Confirms: The Man Utd vs FC Sheriff Europa League Match Will Go Ahead
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The premier league executives have come forward stating that this postponing of matches is a sign of respect for the long service the queen graced the country with through many difficult times and thus praying a tribute to the unprecedented legacy she has left behind.

These sad times for all the queen’s admirers, such a sign of respect shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. If we look at another aspect of this situation, the postponement may relieve premier league clubs who have been playing much football recently. This is a good opportunity for the recovery of players. 

Manchester United Premier League Postponed

One such team is Manchester United, who were scheduled to play crystal palace this weekend however, due to the postponement of the premier, their weekend fixture won’t be taking place either. Coming from a Europa League defeat against Real Sociedad, the red devils will get some much-needed extra time off the field to have another look at their game plan.

Manchester United Confirms: The Man Utd vs FC Sheriff Europa League Match Will Go Ahead
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Manchester United fans must be pretty disappointed after the defeat against Real Sociedad.

The English club was finally looking to gain good form in the premier league as they won all their last four matches this month before this defeat. However, an unfortunate penalization of Lisandro Martinez inside the penalty box for a handball gave Real Sociedad a chance to lead the game via a spot kick, and they took it with open arms.

Even though the premier league fixture for Manchester united was postponed, they will still play their draw against FC Sheriff on Thursday 15th of September, which will be part of their Europa league campaign. This will give the club a chance to establish their form in the Europa League by giving improved and more powerful performance.

No Schedule Change For Europa League Fixture

The decision to move forward with the Europa league fixture without any change in the schedule came after a discussion held between all the concerned governing bodies to take a decision that will be by the guidelines issued by the government of England.

All the arrangements regarding the matchup against Sheriff will remain as they were originally planned to be, which also means that all the supporters of Manchester united who will be traveling to Moldova for the match against Sheriff will have no changes to their plans.

Sheriff FC was the team creating the biggest upset in the last season’s champion’s campaign when defeated Madrid 0-3 in Madrid’s backyard, the Bernabeu. Starting their Europa League campaign this season with a victory over Omonia Nicosia has done wonders to the team’s morale.

It could end up being a challenging matchup for United. Sheriff FC is a team capable of pouncing on the slightest of chances they get, and if United slacks off in the match even once, they could end up conceding and maybe even losing the game. The sheriff is currently top of their Europa League group after the opening fixtures of the 2022/23 Europa League season.

Mourning Will Continue For Seven Days

The royal mourning will continue for seven days after the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II as per the announcements made on Friday by the newly crowned king, Charles III.

Members of the royal family and the representatives of the royal household, along with troops providing the services related to the funeral, will be the observers of the Royal Mourning taking place during this sorrowful event of the Queen’s death.

There are no official declarations or news regarding whether or not the premier league or any other football activity will resume in England next week, and there are chances that the postponement might extend to next week as well. However, it is not known yet.

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