Visa Not Required For FIFA World Cup Ticket Holders

This fall, Qatar will host the 2022 edition of the FIFA World Cup. The middle eastern country started the preparation for the mega football event even before winning the bid to be the hosts in 2010. Infrastructure has been in a continuous phase of expansion for almost a decade.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar

The Football world cup is an extravagant global event that puts the world on hold once every four years.

It is one of the biggest sports in human history, and every tournament edition raises the standards of hosting it. This time around, with the way the competition is loaded with so many titles contending national squads, the anticipation and excitement among football enthusiasts are getting closer to maniac levels. 

Visa Not Required For FIFA World Cup Ticket Holders
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Keeping this in mind, Qatar is looking to make a statement with the way they are preparing for the world cup. They are looking to attain the best in class standards in every possible domain related to the world cup, be it the match viewing arrangements for spectators or the transport facilities.

Therefore leaving no room for any sort of inconvenience for the visitors is the main target for world cup event management. With almost 3 million tickets sold for the world football premier event, the Qatar hierarchy and the world cup organizing committee have introduced many convenient measures for international visitors.

Hayya Card For Valid FIFA World Cup Ticket Holders 

One such measure was officially announced on 8th September when the world cup organizing committee declared in a press conference that no visa would be required to enter valid FIFA World Cup ticket holders into Qatar.

The hayya card will be sufficient for entry in Qatar, and each card could be used for multiple entries.

A hayya card is a one-stop solution for various facilities like accommodation and intra-city transport in Qatar for official ticket holders. Each ticket holder must download and process the personalized document after successfully purchasing the tickets.

Every hayya cardholder can bring along two more individuals who may not be ticket holders. However, this hasn’t been completely decided yet. Those below the age of 12 will also be allowed free entry into the Qatar borders without any technicalities. entries via the hayya card will be valid from the 1st of November. 

FIFA World Cup Expected To Boost Qatar’s Economy

This world cup is going to generate a colossal amount of revenue for the country, and the more efficient the event management is, the more revenue generation will this competition provide through several economic sectors. That’s why Qatar is coming up with such schemes making access to the world cup as easy as possible for international visitors.

Visa Not Required For FIFA World Cup Ticket Holders
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Naseer-Al-khater confirmed that the preparation for the world cup in infrastructure and other facilities is completed. The officials are just giving the last finishing touches to the entire world cup management mechanism.

According to the last calculations, the estimated revenue generation by the world cup will be around 17 billion dollars.

Still, hopes for it to rise even further are very prominent. Making an entry into Qatar visa-free for the world cup will be praised and appreciated by almost all international ticket holders because getting a visa could be a very tedious and time-consuming process and may even put the journey of some visitors in doubt.

A clever scheme can boost economic gains by a fairly considerable margin. Qatar has also removed the provisions making a quarantine necessary for all international visitors planning to visit the country for the FIFA world cup 2022.

Qatar All Set For World Cup

Qatar is taking care of every possible scope for improvement in every single aspect of this world cup experience for the visitors.They want to perfect each facet of it to the very limit, raising the bar for the entire world and giving new benchmarks for hosting such competitions.

Qatar also plans on being the host for the Asian Games scheduled in 2030, and after china pulled back from being the host for the Asian cup football finals, Qatar is looking to put in a bid for substitute china as the host. The country has also made its interest in hosting the Olympics in the future very prominent.

With approximately seventy days left to the commencement of the FIFA World Cup 2022, Qatar is making sure that they perfectly apply the icing on their cake of preparations so that this can be an experience that the world will always remember.

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