PSG’s Neymar Criticises Champions League Referee On Twitter After Booking for Trademark Celebration

The Brazilian Superstar vented his anger against the referee on Twitter after being shown yellow for his trademark clown cheer.

Reportedly, Soccer sensation Neymar expressed his anger on Twitter against the match referee Daniel Siebert with some stern words. Venting out on Twitter, the Brazilian international defended his action – ‘his clown jubilation,’ to be exact, that got him a yellow card against Haifa in a Champions League game.

PSG’s Neymar Slams Champions League Referee

The Brazilian heavyweight was up against Maccabi Haifa in the European clash in Israel. His team claimed a well-deserved 3-1 victory, and Neymar was the main contributor. However, when Neymar went on with his trademark celebration, match referee Daniel Siebert warned him and showed him a yellow card.

PSG's Neymar Slams Champions League Referee
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Interestingly, the controversial clown celebration, which is quickly becoming Neymar’s trademark celebration, was directed toward Maccabi supporters, where he stuck out his tongue and put his hands next to his face.

The match referee found this behavior inappropriate and awarded him a yellow card.

Per the reports, Neymar immediately showed his disapproval of the card, and his indignation was quite evident. However, he didn’t mince his words on social media and launched a scathing attack on the match referee.

PSG is in top form this season, cruising its way through the league with five wins and a draw. With an average of 3.5 goals, they have won 86% of their games. PSG has scored 25 goals so far, and its trio of Mbappé, Neymar, and Messia appear to be in perfect sync.

Interestingly, in the UEFA champions league clash, in which PSG was pitched against Haifa, each member of its great trio scored a goal and led the team to Victory. Fans particularly lauded the efforts made by the Argentinian sensation, Lionel Messi, who was the first to find the nets for his team.

What Neymar Said about the action?

Neymar took a jibe at the referee and aired his anger saying, “Total lack of respect for the athlete. This kind of thing can’t happen. I take the yellow for simply not having done anything, and I continue to be harmed. And the referee? Not even to say he was wrong; he will! A lot of lack of respect.”

Neymar didn’t stop here either and went on to troll the referee amongst his followers on Instagram. With a biting irony, Neymar, in a video, said, “Next time, I’ll tell the referee beforehand.” So that people like Siebert also understand what his famous clown cheering is all about.”

Interestingly, Neymar was all out across various social media platforms whining about the event that unfolded during the match. Speaking with his fans, Neymar exclaimed, “It only happens to me.” Moreover, the 30-year-old accused match referee Siebert of “total lack of respect” and rebuked: “That must not happen!” He “did nothing” but was “damaged.”

The 88th-minute goal from Neymar came after a long dry spell that was ongoing since December of 2020, and the Brazilian was looking quite pleased. But a yellow card from Siebert ruined the moment for him, and Neymar was visibly disgruntled.

He seemed relieved when he ended his dry spell in the premier class in the 88th minute, which had lasted since December 9th, 2020. But when Siebert suddenly pulled out a yellow card, Neymar rumbled on the pitch.

Daniel Seibert Was Trolled Badly By Neymar

The action against Neymar didn’t go down well with the player, and the clown cheering soon turned into trolling on the internet. He posted a photo of him in the trademark clown jubilation – tongue out and hands at the face. He also added Siebert’s name in the post and three emojis making it clear to his fans to whom the post was meant.

Daniel Siebert Also Faced Criticism In a Recent Bundesliga Game

Siebert was recently nominated for the Qatar world cup; however, he attracted quite a controversy in a recent Bundesliga game between Borussia Dortmund and TSG Hoffenheim. He was denied a penalty after a handball by Hoffenheim’s Ozan Kabak. Peter Sippel, the Bundesliga sporting director at DFB, was enraged with the decision and later described it as wrong and completely unacceptable.

Daniel Siebert Also Faced Criticism In a Recent Bundesliga Game
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