Arsenal Vs Man City Postponed For PSV Europa League Match

Football activities in England have been halted to pay respect to the passing of the nation’s Queen Elizabeth. The premier league fixtures have been postponed, and the matches of the English clubs in the European competitions have also been affected.

The queen was the longest ruling monarch in United Kingdom’s history, and the royal morning lasted 12 days. Various players, coaches, and club officials have come forward and have completely accepted the postponement of football out of respect for the late Queen.

European Fixtures Postponed

European fixtures were also affected because man services weren’t available in the UK because of the nationwide mourning.

Although this was done to show respect towards the country’s monarch, it has also caused much discomfort to fans, especially the ones traveling to England from different nations to support their teams in away fixtures of European competitions.

Arsenal Vs Man City Postponed For PSV Europa League Match
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Arsenal was one of the many English clubs that got their European fixtures postponed due to this entire situation of the Queen’s passing away. Their Europa League match against PSV Eindhoven, originally scheduled for this coming Thursday, has been postponed and rescheduled for the 20th of the next month i.e. October.

One of the major reasons for the Arsenal vs PSV match being canceled was that no police services were available to take care of the many PSV fans arriving in London to support their home team as the police were busy with the Queen’s funeral arrangements and services. Although in another such case in London, Chelse’s champions league match against Salzburg was allowed to take place on Wednesday as per the original schedule, the resources available right now were deemed to be inadequate to contain all the dutch fans scheduled to arrive from the Netherlands for the PSV match against Arsenal. 

Arsenal Vs Manchester City Difficult To Fit

Due to this postponement of the PSV match, the Arsenal vs Manchester City match-up scheduled for the 19th of October is also postponed.

This match between the two current top teams in the English Premier League was supposedly important to decide whose gonna be at the top of the league table before domestic football is halted because of the World Cup, which is going to be played from the 20th of November to the 18th of December.

Although new dates for this fixture between Arsenal and Manchester City have not been decided yet, it looks like it will be difficult to fit in the match because the domestic football season is already very congested because of the world cup happening in November.

Even after a date is decided for this fixture to take place, it will reduce the rest days available to the players even further, thus making it physically hard on them. This makes the cruel schedule of the football organization even crueler. UEFA wanted to complete the Europa league schedule before 3rd November because the draw for the round of sixteen was scheduled on 7th November, and the draw couldn’t be shifted further because of the start of the FIFA world cup on 20th.

Congested Football Schedules

That was why the Europa league fixture was scheduled in October, even though it would mean that an already very tight premier league schedule would have to adjust to another postponed match. These unfortunate circumstances have resulted in this compact and congested football schedule this year being compressed further.

From the looks of things, the premier league will just have to deal with the messy schedule they have right now.

Teams will have to do their best to keep their players fits because fielding the same players in this tight schedule repetitively can cause exhaustion which can lead to very serious injuries which could even be career-defining in some cases.

The Union of European Football Associations, also commonly known as UEFA, has displayed enormous gratitude towards the Premier League and the various English premier league clubs for the great suppleness they have shown towards UEFA’s requests regarding the match schedules and how immensely cooperative they have been towards such requests.

If the clubs and the league become rigid to such last-minute requests, the schedule for the entire season can fall apart, and systematic management of matches could crumble. This year is going to tough year for the physical and mental health of the players because of the sheer number of matches they will have to play for their club and country. Therefore utmost care for the players should be taken to dodge any serious injuries.

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