Five Important Players For Their Nations At 2022 FIFA World Cup

The biggest showpiece event in world football is almost here as the FIFA world cup 2022 is scheduled for this coming fall. The kickoff on 20th November will start the battle amongst the best nations in the world to write the biggest price in football and their name in the history books. Featuring the best players in the world, this tournament is going to be a guaranteed blockbuster display of talent and vigor. 

Five Important Players For Their Nations

Five Important Players For Their Nations At 2022 FIFA World Cup

The world cup allows players to leave their mark on the world stage.  Many new stars rise to the occasion and make a name for themselves in this tournament. Many national squads have that one cardinal player with that X factor to make the difference the team needs the most or the player who’s the centerpiece in the team’s game plan.

Heading into the 2022 world cup, there are certain players who will be the focus in their respective national squads, and we are going to talk about five such players.

⚽  Frenkie de Jong

The dutch midfielder was the most sort after player after his sensational ajax campaign in 2019, where he was one of the major driving forces in taking that squad to the Champion’s League semifinal. Although he has had some disappointing seasons after his big move to Barcelona, he still plays a vital role in the Netherlands squad. He plays as a pivot along with Gini Wijnaldum in the midfield, holding together the entire team and being the provider between the defense and the offensive 3rd.

Five Important Players For Their Nations At 2022 FIFA World Cup
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Looking forward to the dutch team for this world cup, Frankie is going to be a very important player, and having a good campaign will be crucial if the Netherland wants to perform well

⚽  Christian Pulisic 

Jokingly referred to as the LeBron James soccer, Christian Pulisic is the main man in attack for the United States Men’s National Team. USMNT is the true dark horse in this world cup, and they have nothing to lose. They’ve been exceptionally good in the world cup qualifiers, and a lot of the credit goes to Christian Pulisic. He has been a real clutch player in a lot of difficult situations.

His sensational breakout at Borussia Dortmund has faded since his move to Chelsea, where the American has found a stable spot in the starting lineup. Although his club career has been at a standstill for a while, his performance for his national squad has been extremely influential.

He will look forward to helping this US side in the upcoming world cup.

⚽  Neymar Jr.

Neymar has been in scintillating form this season, and heading into the world cup; it looks like he will be the orchestrator of an already well-established squad which have the likes of Vinicius jr. and Gabriel Jesus. Brazil was the most successful team in the South American world cup qualifiers and was the finalist in last year’s Copa America.

Five Important Players For Their Nations At 2022 FIFA World Cup
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Neymar was the main attacking threat in both of these international happenings. He has announced that this world cup may be his last one, and looking at his and brazil’s form; this could be a very good opportunity to go on and win the tournament.

He can run the game by dropping deep and scoring that much-needed goal in a crucial situation with the help of his flair and trickery. Joga bonito will be played the Neymar-way this world cup.

⚽  Eden Hazard 

Although his big-money move to Real Madrid has been a disaster, his influence on the national squad is still considerably present. Eden is well past his prime and can’t play as he used to during his premier league days.

Five Important Players For Their Nations At 2022 FIFA World Cup
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However, still, he can be an influential presence thanks to his exceptional vision and the ability to play line-breaking passes effortlessly. Belgium will need his magic if they wish to achieve something in this upcoming world cup because.

With the likes of Kevin Debryune and Lukaku in the squad, Eden hazard can be the player who can turn the tide of luck in favor of Belgium in the world cup.

⚽  Lionel Messi  

A player considered the best player would be important for his national squad. Lionel Messi has an argentian squad who wants to win the world cup, not for themselves but their captain, and that’s why we have seen one of the best versions of Messi on the international stage in recent years. The entire team is tailor-made to bring out the best in Lionel Messi, and that’s why they are currently of the most favored nations to win this world cup.

This could the world cup, where Lionel Messi brings glory to his nation just like Maradona did.

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