Jack Grealish Isn’t Leaving: He Remains Fully Committed To Manchester City

Jack Grealish, the attacking midfielder of Manchester City, was in the eye of the Hurricane recently due to his unimpressive performance this season. However, reports are that the English powerhouse is fully committed to his current club. Marked by a rather dull start in the season, Jack Grealish has found support in his manager, Pep Guardiola.

Jack Grealish Committed To Manchester City

Jack Grealish Committed To Manchester City
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Manchester City acquired Jack Grealish for a whooping €117 million from Aston Villa last year. With the transfer of the star midfielder, Pep Guardiola hoped to strengthen his team’s attack and give new impetus to the midfielder’s offensive potential. However, since his arrival at Manchester City, Jack Grealish’s performance remained lackluster.

In the current season, the English striker has started in 5 games but didn’t show good levels, even though he performed to his potential in the friendlies. Last season too, was a disappointment for Jack Grealish.

He could only find nets six times and only claimed four assists to his name in 39 games.

His subpar performance has garnered heavy criticism from the fans and raised uncertainty about his future in Manchester City. However, now his coach has come out in full support of the English striker. He said that he truly believes in the striker and is hopeful that he will soon regain his form and play a decisive role for his team.

Jack Grealish Leaving Rumors

A few days back, rumors began circulating that Jack Grealish was about to leave Manchester City. Of course, his unsatisfactory performance also fueled the rumors. Reports began to emerge that the Englishman had disclosed to those closest to him and the club his desire to leave Manchester City and try his luck elsewhere.

However, the claims appeared to be false. The player is happy with his current position and will stay with Manchester City for as long as his contract lasts. He cherishes no such desire to leave his current club and move somewhere else. 

Jack Grealish Leaving Rumors
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Confiding to a news portal, Grealish accepted that his initial year was not as satisfactory as he would have expected. He understands that his performance should have been better, but he couldn’t reach his expected levels. However, he remains confident that he will soon pick up his form and unleash his full potential under the leadership of Pep Guardiola.

Likewise, the team management still has full confidence in the English striker and does not believe he is in trouble regarding his position in Man City. And the recent statement from City’s coach only confirmed that the team management does not have in their mind any thought of letting go of Jack Grealish.

Manchester City Is Unstoppable This Season

Despite the failure of one of the key players, Jack Grealish, Manchester City is flying high this season. In all sense, Manchester City is in tremendous dynamics – second in the table, exemplary performance, and, of course, Eric Halland.

The Norwegian has turned the table for his team, scoring nine goals in the first five games he played. That also includes two mind-blowing hat tricks against Crystal Palace and Nottingham Forest.

Pep Guardiola’s Statement About Jack Grealish

Speaking to the press, coach Pep Guardiola stated, “When he turned to confront the full-back, he saw just Erling. When they were supposed to be in the box, Gündo and Kevin were absent. Especially when we had the ball in the first half, we didn’t do anything to assist the guys with it or offer him additional chances to ease his situation. I couldn’t be happier with what he is accomplishing. It will soon be possible for him to regain some of the momenta he had at the start of the season.”

He also said he truly believes in his player and clarified, “We don’t sign his incredible goals or assists at Aston Villa. I also want him to score goals and make passes, but it’s not just about that. It’s also about his contribution off the ball and of what it can produce for others.”

Future of Jack Grealish In Manchester City

The open support from the coach and team management will undoubtedly uplift the morale of the English striker and inspire him to give his best on the field. However, Jack Grealish has to understand that the internal competition in Man City is cutthroat.

Players like Bernardo Silva, Riyad Mahrez, and Julián Álvarez are already pushing hard to secure a permanent seat in the playing eleven. If Jack Grealish wishes to thrive in Man City, he has to perform according to his coach’s expectations and show his importance to the team.

He has to raise his level if he wishes to earn a place in the playing eleven; otherwise, he would not even be considered an option for the replacement.

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