English Premier League Matches Postponed Following Queen Elizabeth’s Death

This week’s premier league games are postponed immediately to show respect to the late monarch.

The English Premier League stated that the 7th match day is postponed following the death of the queen of England, Elizabeth II, as a sign of respect for one of the longest reigning monarchs.

English Premier League Matches Postponed

Premier League chief executive Richard Masters stated: “Our clubs, and we wish to honor Her Majesty’s long and consistent service to our nation.

“As our longest-reigning monarch, she has been a source of inspiration and leaves behind an extraordinary legacy. This is a really sad time not only for the nation but also for the millions of people throughout the world who admired her, and we mourn with them.”

English Premier League Matches Postponed Following Elizabeth's Death
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Moreover, the Premier League further announced that calendars for the postponed games would be announced in due course.

The English premier league kicked off recently and was poised to witness extraordinary clashes between the giants of English football; however, it has now suffered a major jolt because of the unfortunate passing away of Queen Elizabeth II.

To pay tribute to the longest-serving monarch, the premier league has decided to halt all their games planned for the weekend. So, there won’t be any football activity till the funeral of the queen.

The London Bridge Operation Suspended All Sporting Events After The Death Of Queen Elizabeth II

The death of the monarch kicks off the London Bridge Operation – a fine-tuned series of events that will conclude after the funeral of the late queen. The UK will mourn the late queen for ten days. All the official buildings, including the parliament, will be closed during the mourning period.

The sad news of the queen’s demise was announced by Buckingham Palace, which said in a statement: “The Queen died peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon. The King and the Queen Consort will remain at Balmoral this evening and will return to London tomorrow.”

English Premier League Matches Postponed Following Elizabeth's Death
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Soon after the monarch’s death, operation London Bridge was put into action, which will see through all the events till the funeral of the late queen.

The London Bridge Operation is a code name for a plan to take place following the days and weeks after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. The queen ascended to the throne in 1952. She was 96 years old when she died, making her the longest-serving queen in the British monarchy.

The Queen’s private secretary was the first to learn about the death of her majesty. He then passed the information to the prime minister, saying, “London Bridge is down.” Subsequently, the heads of the government of the 15 nations where the queen was head of the states were informed.

The news is then passed to the United Nations members and other world leaders. Next, the news is broadcast across various media channels, and the general public is informed. Following the queen’s death, the English stock market was closed, and the English Premier League and all the sporting events, in general, were suspended.

In the upcoming weekend, the 7th match day of the English premier league was to be played; however, after the queen’s demise, the matches will take place on a different date. However, there’s no official announcement about when the postponed games will take place.

English Premier League Games Join The Mourning For Queen Elizabeth II

Matchday 7 of the English premier league would have witnessed the clash between Fulham and Chelsea this Saturday, September 10. But after the announcement of the queen’s death, the match won’t take place.

Likewise, the encounters between Liverpool and Raúl Jiménez’s Wolves, Manchester City and Tottenham, Crystal Palace against Manchester United, and Arsenal against Everton will also be rescheduled out of respect for the queen. The queen’s death is a big blow to the citizens of the UK and more so because she has been the queen for 70 years.

The whole United Kingdom has paid tribute to the queen, England has entered a 10-day mourning period, and the world of football will join the mourning too.

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