Transfer Rumors: Real Madrid unimpressed with Haaland; Martial’s Man Utd exit options

Two transfer rumors are making a round across newsrooms, forums, and groups – one that Erling Halland also considered Real Madrid his possible destination when he was planning a move from Borussia Dortmund.

However, the whites were number three on his priority list, which agitated Real Madrid. The other story is that Anthony Martial’s days with the Red Devils are numbered, and he will soon move to another club. How accurate are these claims? Let’s explore this in more detail.

Real Madrid Not Happy With Halland

Erling Haaland is riding high this season with a streak of extraordinary performance that has put Manchester City way ahead in the table of other clubs. Many European powerhouses will eye him and want to bring him under their fold.

Real Madrid unimpressed with Haaland
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However, Halland attracted an unnecessary controversy when it was revealed that Real Madrid – the Spanish giant is third on the list of Norwegian sensations as the likely venue he would like to move to. And Real Madrid is seemingly unhappy with the news – they believe that the City striker has disrespected them.

To give our reader a context, Halland moved from Borussia Dortmund this season to Manchester City. And since his arrival, the Norwegian has scored 11 goals in 14 games for the City, which include three mind-blowing hat tricks.

He is among the top scorers in the Premier League and could end the season with the title of the league’s top scorer.

It was rumored that Real Madrid at one time also considered the possibility of bringing in Erling Haaland; however, they didn’t push enough, assuming their top striker, Karim Benzema, was already performing to the expectations.

A report claimed that Real Madrid was third on the priority list when Haaland considered moving from Borussia Dortmund. The news hasn’t gone down well with Real Madrid, and they believe the City striker has disrespected them.

Rumors Around Erling Haaland’s Contract

Earlier, rumors were also lit that Erling Haaland’s contract with Manchester City includes a termination clause that would allow him to move to Los Blancos if the Whites ever showed interest in acquiring him. Interestingly, reports also claimed the amount, which was around €200 million for joining Real Madrid.

However, it’s been confirmed now that the rumors were false. Erling Halland’s contract doesn’t have any specific clause concerning Real Madrid.

The comment from Haaland’s father, an ex-City midfielder himself, had stirred a controversy when he claimed that Real Madrid was an option for his Son, but he preferred Cityzens.

Meanwhile, Halland’s rampage continues as he destroys his opponent’s defense match after match. He recently claimed the title of the first player in history to score three back-to-back hat tricks in Premier League games. And in all possibilities, Halland will extend his goal tally much further, given the Premier League is still only halfway through this season.

Martial’s Man Utd exit options

Despite a recent streak of excellent form, rumors are still afloat that Martial is seeking an exit from Manchester United. Interestingly, Martial struggled last season; however, Erick Ten Hag gave him a new lease in the pre-season, and he performed up to the expectations.

However, Achilles’ injuries and hamstring have restricted him to the bench for most of the season. Consequently, Martial has only made two appearances for Man United so far in the season.

Martial's Man Utd exit options
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Although Martial came with a bang in his last match, reports are circulating that his time at Old Trafford will soon end.

Per the reports, Valencia and Sevilla are already gunning for the forward and could make a move as early as January. Some reports claimed that Manchester United is also considering letting go of the French forward. His contract will expire in 2024, and Man United is not considering extending it further.

Martial Returned From An Injury

But Ten Hag’s trust in Martial and his recent performance tells a different story. Returning from an injury, Martial scored a goal depleting the lead to 6-3 against City and making the defeat bearable. Later, Martial admitted that he and the other players were frustrated with the game’s outcome.

Manchester United was down 4-0 already in the First half at Etihad, the second time in such a situation this season. The onslaught from City was that Manchester was down 6-1 in the game with 17 minutes remaining. The whole stadium was chanting, “We want 10.” However, Manchester United somehow picked itself up and trimmed the lead by 6-3, with Martin contributing one goal.

After the game, Martial commented, “For sure, I would have preferred not to score and win this game, but it’s always good to come back on the grass and score.”

The 26-year-old current season is marred with injuries. Earlier, he suffered from hamstring issues and then from Achilles injuries. Consequently, he could only make two substitute appearances so far.

Will Martial Move Away From Manchester United

Martial has indeed failed to perform consistently at Man United. However, Ten Hag still seems to have a plan for the French forward. Meanwhile, Fabrizio Romano, the renowned Italian football journalist, speaking with CaughtOffside, explained that Martial will remain with Manchester United in all possibilities.

He explained, “Some fans were surprised to see Cristiano Ronaldo staying on the bench for this game, and Martial preferred by Erik ten Hag, but it’s been the case for some time now that the new manager has been keen to give the Frenchman a chance to show what he can do.”

“Ten Hag has always been happy with Martial since some strong performances in July pre-season, and he’s still considered an important player for the club.”

Considering this, it’s safe to assume that he might not move elsewhere soon if Martial gets regular game time. Therefore, it will be interesting to see how the clubs interested in Martial will make their move in the coming transfer window.

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