Transfer Rumor: Lionel Messi is returning to Barcelona?

Lionel Messi is again in the limelight – this time too, it’s about his possible return to his former club Barcelona.

Messi’s former teammate, Cesc Fabregas, has hinted that a possible return to Barcelona can’t be ruled out. Incidentally, the former Barcelona striker is nearing his contract end at PSG, which is possibly fueling the rumors that Messi may not renew his association at Parc des Princes if there’s a possibility to make a return to camp now.

Messi was forced out from his former club last year after a 20-year-long association. Moving out from Spin, Messi went with the German club PSG. However, since his move to Parc des Princes, fans have been hoping to see the Argentinian sensation again in a Blaugrana jersey.

Lionel Messi Returning To Barcelona Is ‘Impossible’ Right Now

Lionel Messi Returning To Barcelona Is 'Impossible' Right Now
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After Messi’s traumatic departure from Barcelona, both Xavi and Joan Laporta have expressed their desire to see him play for BARCA again. After the latest hint dropping from Cesc Fabregas, it’s now speculated that the Argentinian striker might return to his former club very well. Amidst these rumors, there are reports that PSG is ready to extend Messi’s stay at Parc des Princes.

During the initial days at PSG, it might have appeared as if the star had lost his magic.

But now it seems that the man from Rosario has found his strength again, showing signs of his older form. His extraordinary assists and a goal against Haifa are living proof. Therefore, in all possibilities, PSG will sit down with the striker for possible renewal talks.

Barcelona Wants Messi To Return

After Messi’s departure last summer to PSG, ​​Joan Laporta, the president of Barcelona, accepted that he feels indebted to Lionel Messi. The Catalan leader still hopes that their star striker will one day return from the Pulga to Barça.

At the time, speaking in an interview at ESPN, he stated, “I am indebted to him.”

Lionel Messi Returning To Barcelona Is 'Impossible' Right Now
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“I believe, I hope, and I wish the Messi chapter at Barça is not over. And I think it’s our responsibility to ensure that this chapter that’s still open […] has a much more splendid ending than it did.”

Besides, Laporta also expressed his regret over the non-renewal of Messi’s contract last summer, which paved the way for his exit from BARCA. He said,

“Do I feel indebted to him? Morally, as president of Barça, I think I did what I had to do. But also as president of Barça and on a personal level, I think I am indebted to him.”

Messi’s Departure From Barcelona

Messi was the star of Barcelona, completely loyal to BARCA, having spent 20 years of his football career here. But Messi found himself in a whirlwind concerning his future last summer.

The seven-time Ballon d’Or winner and the number 10 of the Argentine selection were readying himself to extend his contract at the Spanish club when he received the shock of his life.

Joan Laporta revealed to Messi that BARCA could not extend his contract owing to the deteriorating financial conditions of the Spanish club. Consequently, one of the best players in the history of football found himself the subject of market gossip and transfer news.

In the end, Messi chose to settle with German club PSG with a contract that will end in June next year.

Messi’s soon-ending contract has again fueled rumors about the Argentinian’s future. And Cesc Fabregas has recently fed the fire by dropping a hint that Messi could, after all, return to his former club where he has achieved all the glory.

Fans Desire To See Messi At Barcelona Again

The Argentinian star, Lionel Messi, one of the finest football players in the world, never intended to leave Blaugrana. The Spanish club has been his home for 20 years. Here, he learned the skills that put him at the zenith, allowing him to earn the name that will shine in days to come.

He now plays for PSG, and although he is again showing the form, he is known for. Initially, it appeared that Messi’s heart was not in the game, reflected in his performance. But since then, Messi has picked himself up and plays with the same old vigor he is known for.

Messi is 35 now, and if he did return to Barcelona, it would allow him to hang his boots in the same club where he kick-started his journey. He will surely want that, and so will his millions of fans worldwide.

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