6 Top New Signings That Can Dominate Premier League This Season

The summer transfer window was quite eventful, with multiple transfers happening across Europe. Premier League also witness its fair share of players breaking old ties and signing new contracts. The likes of Rumelu Lukaku and Wesley Fofana shook hands with the blues. 

Chelsea dominated the transfer market in the Premier League.

With billions of euros spent, the English football league has already established its supremacy on the football world’s landscape. Incidentally, The Premier League ended the summer with mind-blowing spending of over two billion euros – a record that no other league ever seems to have the ability to break. 

New Signings That Will Dominate Premier League

6 Top New Signings That Can Dominate Premier League This Season

And now things are getting hot as the Premier League proceeds. Players at their new clubs are gunning to prove their worth and justify the Splurge many Premier League Clubs have done to acquire them. 

Here are some of the New Signings That Will Dominate the Premier League This Season:

1. Gabriel Jesus

Gabriel Jesus got an amazing deal of £45 million to leave Manchester City and move to Arsenal. And the move has proved immensely beneficial to the Brazilian forwards and the Gunners.

Arsenal was already in dire need of someone who could take charge of the central striker after the disappointing run of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. Jesus appeared to be the top candidate, and they left no stone unturned to make the deal successful. 

And the 25-year-old striker has already performed for his new club, justifying his move. In his first seven appearances for the Gunners, Jesus has found nets four times while assisting in three games. 

2. Darwin Nunez

Darwin Nunez was a force to reckon with in his last season playing for Benfica. The Uruguayan striker hammered 26 goals in just 28 games stunning the football world. 

New Signings That Will Dominate Premier League
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Nunez’s blazing run in Champion League finally convinced Liverpool’s boss Jargon Klopp to bring him to Anfield. Interestingly, Liverpool management bid for Nunez so hard that they agreed to a humongous sum of €85 million to see the Uruguayan in Liverpool’s jersey. 

Darwin Nunez is skilled and persistent, and the former club’s records confirm that. Therefore, it will be interesting to witness him play in the new colors for Liverpool in the coming season. 

3. Kalidou Koulibaly

Next, we are talking about Kalidou Koulibaly – the former Napoli center-back who swapped sides with Chelsea for a £33 million deal. The move to Stamford Bridge will allow him to bring home a whopping £160,000 per week or £8.2 million a year. 

Before moving to the Premier League, Koulibaly enjoyed the reputation of being one of the top Serie A defenders. 

New Signings That Will Dominate Premier League
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Chelsea lacked a powerful player with strong tackling ability and an attitude to take on the opponent’s attack since the departure of Antonio Rudiger. And they found all they were looking for in Kalidou Koulibaly.

He is in prestige form and will surely hope to showcase his skills to new audiences and cement his position in the new club.

4. Ivan Perisic

Tottenham manager Antonio Conte worked with Croatian winger Ivan Perisic during his days at Inter. And when he got an opportunity to bring the winger to his camp at Tottenham, he didn’t hesitate. 

Now with Spurs, Perisic will strengthen a third of the field. The 33-year-old is in superb shape and could dominate the game as a winger. Besides, his skills, mental strength, and tactics could benefit the Spurs in the coming games.

5. Raheem Sterling

Raheem Sterling has undoubtedly been phenomenal playing at Manchester City. Indeed the player has grown with City and has been part of major success for the English club. But recently found himself not getting the chances he deserves. 

Therefore, he decided to try his luck somewhere else, and Chelsea was quick to grab the 27-year-old English forward. An essential part of the English National football team, Sterling is renowned to be one of the best forwards in the Premier League. 

Now he has changed allegiance for £ 50 million and will now play for the Blues. Sterling brings experience, skills, mental strength, and the ability to improve Thomas Tuchel’s forward line greatly.

6. Erling Haaland

Well, if one player is undoubtedly making a mark in Premier League, it’s Manchester City Striker Erling Haaland. He is already eating the top scorer position in the Premier League with two extraordinary hattricks already to his name this season. 

The reigning champions of the Premier League surely deserved a player as agile as Erling Haaland, and when they sense an opportunity, they lost no time grabbing it. Now Erling Halland plays for Manchester City and is already proving his worth game after game. 

Incredibly agile and dominating on the field, the double hat tricks have already sent tremors down the football world – a new sensation is on the rise, one that would take the Premier League by storm. 

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