Elon Musk Is buying Manchester United – Truth Revealed!!

Elon Musk, the business magnate and investor, recently hit with his claim that he is planning to buy Manchester United. The Tesla billionaire shared his words on Twitter that he is buying the struggling Premier League club.

Right before it shocked the whole social media viewers and his massive fan circle, Elon Musk tweeted hours later that it was all part of a joke and nothing serious in his claims.

Is Elon Musk Really Buying Manchester United?

The world’s richest person tweeted on Wednesday to show that his words, which spread like wildfire about buying the currently struggling English football club Manchester United, are not real.

But right after his first tweet about this very same planning, many users came forward to know whether he is serious about buying the club or not.

The tweet gave hope to many Manchester United fans. One of the supporters stood on the frontline saying, Musk is not actually aware of the sheer amount of positivity he gave to millions all around the globe by putting his words on buying Manchester United.

Manchester United is one of the renowned best-supported soccer clubs in the world. They were once the crowned champions of England about 20 times and were three-time winners of European Cups.

The club was bought and controlled by the American Glazer family for $955.51million.

In recent times, the fans of the United club protested against the ownership of Manchester as they noted that the team who was once the real fighters is stepping back and falling from grace. The team was found massively struggling on the pitch.

Elon Musks Twitter Controversies

Elon Musks buys Manchester United FC
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Elon Musk has a history of making irrelevant tweets, and this is one among many he did earlier. But this time, he didn’t succeed much in creating shockwaves via Twitter as the clarifications for his claim came earlier in just a few hours gap.

Many of his followers popped up, writing like ‘are you really serious about this, ‘Are you really planning to buy Manchester United, and so on. For all the queries flooded in a very short time, Musk eventually replied by saying a big ‘No’.

The tweet of Elon Musk clearly conveys the truth that it was just a long-running joke on Twitter, and he is currently not planning to buy any sports team.

The first tweet hit Twitter on Tuesday night, and the follow-up tweet showing the real truth behind the claim hit a few hours back today.

As a follow-up tweet, he even added that, if it were any football club, he would opt for Manchester United as it is his favorite team ever since he was a kid.

The 51-year-old brilliant investor was previously urged to buy the Premier League club by considering the desperate fans of the club earlier this year.

Musk, the owner of Space X and Tesla is holding a net worth of around $265billion. He recently put forward a bid in the region of $41billion as he plans to buy the prominent social media channel, Twitter, in last April 2022.

But he dropped his plan as his United fans wanted the business magnate to spend his money on their faltering team.

The latest reports show that the tweet from Musk was retweeted 75,300 times, liked by more than 425,000 times, and the quote tweeted 39,900 times. This shows the strength of his hold both inside and outside the social media platforms.

Tweet About Buying Coca-Cola

In late April, one of his tweets about buying Coca-Cola went viral among social media users worldwide. In the tweet, he marked his words that he is buying Coca-Cola company as he wishes to bring back the cocaine in use. This tweet was made a couple of days after Twitter’s board agreed to his offer to buy the Coca-Cola company.

In the past, most of the tweets Musk made regarding potential acquisitions ended up letting him under pressure from US regulators.

In a tweet made in late 2018, Musk opened up his heart by sharing his words on Twitter that he was funding a $72bn deal to take Tesla private. Testa and Musk equally raised$20m civil fines. Later, to settle the claims of the Exchange Commission (SEC) and US Securities regarding Musk’s defrauded investors, the billionaire stepped out as Tesla’s chairman.

Some of the near-circled fans of Elon Musk are encouraging him to buy Manchester United. United fan Andy Goldstein who is also a Broadcaster recently met Musk to retract his offer to buy the social media platform – Twitter and to make a rethink on buying the Old Trafford side, Manchester united earlier this year.

All are waiting to see whether there is any chance to change the words on Twitter made by Elon. The majority of the fans are now coming forward with the same action in suggesting Elon buy the club.

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