Kristin Chenoweth Opens Up About Being A Victim In Girl Scout Murders In 1977

Girl Scout murder is remembered as one of the most horrible crime incidents to happen with the girls of age 8 to 10 who were raped and murdered. This demonic incident took place in Camp Scot in Mayes County, Oklahoma United States. Kristin Chenoweth reveals how she got saved from becoming a victim of the horrible act.

Actress Kristin Chenoweth Explains About The Girl Scout Murders

The 53-year-old American Actress Kristin Chenoweth has now opened up explaining how she got saved from becoming a victim of the Girl Scout murder which happened in the year 1977. The Tony award-winning actress is trying to get the answers to the rape and murder of innocent girls who took on the camp which she was supposed to attend.

The documentary or you can say docuseries which is based on the Oklahoma Girl Scout murder case recently got its trailer released where there is a scene of Kristin Chenoweth where she tells that “I wish I never had to tell this story” The part 4 of the docuseries will feature the story of Lori lee farmer who was 8 years old, Michele Heather Guse who was 9, and Doris Denise Milner who was 10, during a June 1977 Girl Scouts trip to Camp Scott and all these angels were a victim of the horrible act which shocked the world.

 Chenoweth says to the media that she was supposed to go to the camp. Just a day before she got sick and her mom told her that she can’t go to the camp anymore and she didn’t go to the camp. This incident stuck in her mind since her childhood and she can’t get out of her mind till now. She still shivers to say that if she would have went to the camp she could have been one among them who was brutally raped and then murdered.


Using the advanced technology the makers of the docuseries are getting a look at many pieces of evidence of the act. The docuseries will also feature the interviews of the heart’s counsel, a camp counselor, and the sheriff who reopened the case along with the family members of all the victims of the brutal incident. 

Chenoweth says that the best way she finds to pay homage to the three girls she knew is to get answers once and for all. The docuseries will be broadcasted on HULU, Disney+ Hotstar, and ESPN under the banner of ABC news studios.