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To learn more about our use of cookies, please read through this section carefully:

Your options

Your use of this website shall be deemed your consent to the use and storage of cookies on your device. In general, you can view our website without cookies. However, this would mean that navigation might become slower and some parts of the website may not function properly.

You have the option to deactivate the relevant option in your browser settings if you do not want the cookies to be stored on your device. You may also, at any time, manually delete the cookies stored by accessing the system settings of your browser.

Categories of Cookies

We make use of different types of cookies for different purposes and with different functions. Some of them are:

  • Absolutely necessary from a technical standpoint
  • Only stored or used for a short period of time
  • Provided or placed by us or approved third parties

Necessity of Cookies

  • Some cookies are absolutely necessary for the proper functioning of our website. These kinds of cookies are automatically placed on your device when you access Oddsdigest.com unless your browser is set by default to reject cookies.
  • Some cookies we place on your device are not strictly necessary but are used to enhance the performance of our website and improve convenience by saving certain settings or preferences that you may have made.
  • We also use some other cookies that are not strictly necessary from a technical standpoint. but help us keep track of the data, such as the frequency of use of certain areas of our website, which in turn helps us to adapt the website as per user needs.

Duration of storage

  • Some cookies are necessary only for the duration of your use of the website. These are called “session cookies and are deleted or become invalid as soon as you close the website or a session gets expired. These are used to retain preferences you may have made during the entire session.
  • Some other cookies are stored for a comparatively longer period and are often referred to as “permanent cookies”. However, they are not actually permanent as they are deleted automatically after a pre-defined period. These cookies are used to help us recognize users who access our website at a later time and access saved settings. This helps you access web pages faster and much more conveniently. 
  • There is also a third kind called “flow cookies” which are placed on your device when you begin navigation of our website and are deleted at the end of your navigation. These are used for communication between the internal servers within Oddsdigest.com. Further, flow cookies do not allow us to draw any conclusions regarding the actual user of our website and are instead given a unique identification number.

Cookie providers

  • Provider Cookies: These are the cookies that are placed by us directly or by an operator who has been commissioned by us.
  • Third-Party Cookies: These are the cookies that are stored and used by third parties, which include web analytics tools and external providers that integrate content from social networks.

Use of cookies by Google Analytics

We make use of the web analytics service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”) called Google Analytics, for web analysis. Google Analytics may use cookies to determine the frequency of use of different areas of our website and to identify preferences. The information that is generated by these cookies is transferred to a Google server located in the United States and stored there.

Google uses this data to analyze how you use the website, create reports on website activity for us, and also perform other services associated with the use of the website. They may also transfer this information to third parties when required by law, or in case third parties process this data on behalf of Google.

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