Montpellier Vs AC Ajaccio Betting Odds, Predictions, And Betting Tips – Ligue 1

The Ligue 1 match between Montpellier and Ajaccio is sure to be exciting for football fans. This occurrence will occur on August 31, 2022, at 17:00 UTC. 

Montpellier Vs AC Ajaccio Betting Odds

Montpellier Vs AC Ajaccio Betting Tips

Ajaccio (0W-2L-1D; 1 point), currently in the 18th spot, will host OSC (1W-1L-1D; 4 points), who are currently in the 12th spot.  At Stade François-Coty, the match begins on Friday at 9:00 PM CEST. Each team will strive to put on a solid performance at this early stage of the season, knowing that the hard effort they put in now could pay off later on.

The most recent match between Ajaccio and OSC occurred on March 2, 2014, with Lille coming out on top. In the previous ten games they’ve played against each other, Ajaccio has scored 11 goals, while OSC has scored 23.

Montpellier vs AC Ajaccio

Match Info

Date and Time: 31 Aug 2022, 17:00 UTC

Venue: Stade de la Mosson, Montpellier, France

Montpellier vs AC Ajaccio Betting Odds

Montpellier vs AC Ajaccio Full-Time Score

AC Ajaccio3.25

Montpellier vs AC Ajaccio Both Teams To Score


Montpellier vs AC Ajaccio Total Goals 2.5 (Over/Under)


Match Preview

Montpellier vs AC Ajaccio
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In the previous ten games, the home team has had one victory, two ties, and seven defeats. Montpellier has had one win, zero ties, and two losses since the start of the Ligue 1 season. The club has six goals and nine goals against in their games.

Montpellier has had one win, two ties, and two losses in their last five home games. Montpellier has a total of 1 victory, 0 draws, and one loss this season as a host. In these games, the home team has scored four goals and given up four.

With only two victories in its last five games, Montpellier is in poor shape.

Team AC Ajaccio, on the whole, in the away team’s last ten games, saw five wins, three ties, and two losses. The away team’s record in Ligue 1 thus far includes 0 victories, one tie, and two defeats. The away team has scored two goals and given up four goals in these encounters.

In their last five games away from their home stadium, the away team has one win, two ties, and two losses. AC Ajaccio has a total of 0 victories, 0 draws, and two losses this season as a guest. The club has two goals to its credit and four against them in these games.

Due to its recent struggles, AC Ajaccio has only recorded no victory in the previous five games.

Our analysis of all available information, including recent performances and player statistics, indicates that a Montpellier HSC victory is the most likely result of this match, with a probability of 43.29%. Ajaccio’s chances of winning are 29.09%, while those of a draw is 27.6%.

The Montpellier HSC is most likely to win by a 1-0, with a chance of 12.58%. The next most likely results are 2-1 (8.56%) and 2-0 (8.32%) scorelines. The likelihood of an Ajaccio victory is 0-1 (9.81%), while a scoreless match is 1-1 (12.96%).

Montpellier vs AC Ajaccio Team News

  • Montpellier

Regarding Montpellier, Stephy Mavididi and Sacha Delaye are unsure, and Pedro Mendes is anticipated to miss out. Khalil Fayad and Teji Savanier will be suspended from Sunday’s game after being dismissed last weekend.

Joris Chotard and Leo Leroy may take the place of the suspended pair, with Elye Wahi likely to remain in charge of the line.

Potential lineups for the Montpellier HSC: Wahi, Nordin, Ferri, Chotard, Leroy, Sacko, Cozza, Sakho, Sainte-Luce, and Khazri

  • AC Ajaccio

Pantaloni may choose the same starting lineup that suffered the disappointing loss to Rennes because Ajaccio doesn’t currently look to be dealing with any injuries.

After opening his book for the season the last time out, Mountain El Idrissy will look to score once more.

Leroy, Alphonse, Gonzalez, Mayembo, and Ismael could start for Ajaccio, along with Bayala, Marchetti, Mangani, and Cimingani and El Idrissy and Hamouma.

Montpellier vs AC Ajaccio Head-to-Head Stats

Starting on August 31, 2022, at 17:00 UTC, Montpellier will face off against AC Ajaccio at the Stade de la Mosson stadium in Montpellier, France. The game is a Ligue 1 contest.

Montpellier is now ranked 13th, and AC Ajaccio is ranked 18th.

According to their head-to-head record, Montpellier and Ajaccio have won 4 and 1 of their six encounters, respectively. 

There has been one tie in as many games between Montpellier and Ajaccio. In their previous 16 meetings with Ajaccio, Montpellier has prevailed ten times. Montpellier, therefore, has a higher chance of defeating Ajaccio.

Last Five Games For Montpellier

Montpellier’s overall form in Ligue 1 this season has been poor, with one win, 0 draws, and two losses. With a win percentage of 33%, Montpellier’s performance currently positions them 13th out of 20 clubs in the Ligue 1 Table. 

Montpellier has a strong home record, with one win, 0 draws, and one defeat. Additionally, they have an extremely terrible road record with 0 wins, 0 draws, and one loss. Montpellier is ranked 13th in the Ligue 1 standings.

The previous match between Auxerre and I resulted in a win at Auxerre 1:2. The top scorers for Montpellier across all leagues were Teji Savanier (2 goals), Stephy Mavididi (2 goals), Mamadou Sakho (1 goal), Wahbi Khazri (1 goal), Theo Sainte Luce (1 goal), and Enzo Tchato (1 goal).

played in 8 games this year. won 1 game, 0 matches ended in draws. Seven lost the battle. Over 2.5 goals were scored in more than 62.50% of games (Over 2.5). The total goals scored in 87.50% of the games was higher than 1.5 goals (Over 1.5). Montpellier has not conceded a goal in 0 games.

In five games, a goal was scored by each team (both teams scored). Montpellier has scored 1.50 goals per game on average.

Montpellier has scored six goals thus far in this Ligue 1 campaign.

Montpellier 7-0 Brest

On 28 August 2022, in the match between Montpellier and Brest, Brest lost the match.

Montpellier 1-2 Auxerre 

On 21 August 2022, in the match between Montpellier and Auxerre, Montpellier again lost the match by 1 point. 

PSG 5-2 Montpellier 

On 14 August 2022, in the match between PSG and Montpellier, Montpellier lost the match by 3 points. 

Montpellier 3-2 Troyes 

On 7 August 2022, in the match between Montpellier and Troyes, Troyes again lost the match. 

Crystal Palace 4-2 Montpellier

On 30 July 2022, in the match between Crystal Palace and Montpellier, Montpellier lost the match by 2 points.

Last Five Games For AC Ajaccio

Ajaccio has overall Very Poor Ligue 1 form this season with 0 wins, one draw, and two losses. Ajaccio currently ranks 18th out of 20 clubs in the Ligue 1 Table based on their performance, winning 0 games. 

The home record of Ajaccio is mediocre, with 0 victories, one tie, and 0 defeats. Due to their 0 wins, 0 draws, and two losses on the road, they are also regarded as having very bad away form.

In Ligue 1, Ajaccio has registered two goals this year.

Lille 3-1 Ajaccio

On 27 August 2022, in the match between Ajaccio and Lille, Ajaccio lost by 2 points. 

Rennes 2-1 Ajaccio

On 21 August 2022, in the match between Rennes and Ajaccio, Ajaccio lost the match by 1 point.  

Ajaccio 0-0 Lens

On 14 August 2022, the match between Ajaccio and Lens ended in a draw

Lyon 2-1 Ajaccio

On 6 August 2022, in the match between Lyon and Ajaccio, Ajaccio lost the match by 1 point.

Lorient 2-2 Ajaccio

On 30 July 2022, the match between Lorient and Ajaccio ended in a draw. 

Ligue 1 Points Table

1 Paris Saint-Germain43101841410
2 Marseille4310103710
3 RC Lens431094510
4 Lyon32107347
5 Lorient32105327
6 Lille4211910-17
7 Auxerre421167-17
8 Montpellier420213946
9 Clermont420269-36
10 Toulouse41217615
11 Nantes41215415
12 Monaco412157-25
13 Rennes411245-14
14 Brest4112612-64
15 Troyes4103611-53
16 Strasbourg402235-22
17 Angers402248-42
18 Nice402226-42
19 Reims4022510-52
20 AC Ajaccio401337-41

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