FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar’s Security Assist By Pakistan Army

Pakistan, as an independent nation, is facing its biggest economic disaster ever. The South-Asian country is under debt amounting to more than USD 250 billion. The currency reserves in the nation have been struck by an apocalyptic wave of inflation, and the country is on the verge of an economic collapse.

Pakistan Army Agrees With Security In FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar

Following such disastrous times in the nation, Pakistan has agreed to deploy its army to help with the security details in the upcoming FIFA world cup that will be held from November 20th to 18th December this winter. The country will receive a remuneration of a total worth 2 billion USD in a bilateral agreement with the middle east country, Qatar.

The monetary benefit is an enormous relief during extreme economic hardship. The federal cabinet approved this Pakistan-Qatar army agreement, thus ratifying the deal and giving it an official thumbs up.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar's Security Assist By Pakistan Army
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Prime Minister of Pakistan To Visit Qatar

Qatar is hosting the mega football event for the first time and is going in all-guns-blazing in the hope of making it a spectacle for everyone who experiences it. The said assistance in the security may be announced in the upcoming visit of the prime minister of Pakistan to Qatar on the 23rd and 24th of august.

This visit of the president is supposed to be utilized for discussing all the details of this bilateral agreement. Shehbaz Sharif will hold talks with the leadership of Qatar regarding matters concerning. Other subject matters like investments and trade and increased employment opportunities for Pakistanis in Qatar will also be discussed in these scheduled talks.

An International Monetary Fund board meeting will preside over this proposition of armed assistance for security which may result in the transaction of 1.2 billion USD being placed in motion for financing the deal. The Arab nation has conditioned this deal on getting the IMF program, and therefore, the meeting will be crucial for the agreement. The agreement details, like the number or types of units deployed in Qatar by Pakistan, haven’t been disclosed.

Reactions To Providing Security

FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar's Security Assist By Pakistan Army
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Many might see this deal as a new low in Pakistan’s history as the nation is offering the country’s army as security guards for the tournament in exchange for monetary benefits. However, these difficult times call for the government of Pakistan to ignore all such comments and do whatever it can to inculcate financial stability in the nation’s economy with any help it can get right now.

Having received a mixed reaction to this deal worldwide, it’s time for Pakistan just to put its head down and plow through these difficult times, grabbing onto each opportunity that comes before the nation. On the other hand, when it comes to a country’s army helping in a global event happening in another nation, this is not the first time it has been done.

Pakistan has been working hard to escape this economic crisis, and the efforts are beginning to bear fruits as the Pakistan rupee is currently the best-performing currency in the world this month with a total growth of 11 percent, overcoming the record low the currency fell to last month.

Therefore this FIFA world cup has arrived at a brilliant time as Pakistan can keep on its path of resurrection with the help of the monetary help it’ll be receiving if this deal goes through. 

Apart from this Pakistan-Qatar army agreement, the South-Asian country is also set to receive 1 billion USD in oil financing via a deal with Saudi Arabia. A few of their investments in the UAE will also provide them monetary relief of a similar amount. All of the money from these agreements is set to be transferred over the next 12 months giving Pakistan much-needed breathing room in their economic crunch.

Qatar’s Security Providers

Turkey has also agreed to provide the services of its armed personnel in the Qatar world cup for security purposes. Turkey has elected a total of 3250 army personnel as security officers. Many security officers of Qatar have also been trained in the Turkish capital, Ankara.

Qatar is not leaving any gray areas in preparation for this world cup which may result in problems in the event execution. The North Atlantic alliance is also set to provide support for the security at the FIFA World Cup as a part of the cooperation between Qatar and NATO.

NATO announced its contribution to security services for the world cup earlier this year. Security personnel will be trained to deal with threats arising from chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear reasons as part of the support from NATO.

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