FIFA World Cup 2022 Groups

The FIFA world cup 2022 is scheduled to be held this upcoming fall. The entire tournament is to be played between 20th November and 18th December. Qatar is hosting one of the biggest sports tournaments in the world for the very first time. The middle eastern country has unveiled 8 brand new stadiums for the hosting of world cup matches. Numerous strong national squads are entering the tournament, which can claim their chances of winning the trophy. Countries like Argentina, Brazil, France, and England all have tremendously strong teams. All of these nations have been performing really well at the international level in recent years. Other than the obvious favorites, there are also many dark horses like USA, Spain, and Denmark who might be looking to upset the big boys and catch everyone by surprise. The ticket sale has been stupendous heading into the tournament as millions of football fans all around the world are excited to watch their favorite teams compete against each other to win the biggest title in football.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Groups And Teams

FIFA World Cup 2022 Groups
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The competition follows a group structure followed by a play-off stage up to the final. There is a total of 8 groups comprising 4 teams each. Two best-performing teams from each group get selected to play in the knockout stage of the competition.


Alphabetically the first group is constituted of Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal, and Netherland. The dutch are the highest ranked team in this group and, therefore, the strongest squad on paper. The Netherland squad is sorted in all three play departments with players like Frenkie De Jong, Memphis Depay, and de light. Senegal, having just won the AFCON, is in scintillating form heading into the world cup. They will make this group competitive for Netherland, with both teams probably finishing the group stage at the first or the second spot. Qatar and Ecuador are expected to occupy the last two spots in the group; however, surprises are always possible in football.


Constituting the likes of England, Iran, USA, and Wales, the competitive group B is expected to provide some entertaining matches. With England being the highest ranked team by FIFA in this group, Wales and USA are capable of having a successful world cup campaign and making life difficult for England. Iran will be looking to get the best out of their squad to provide some decent competition to others.


This group includes the nations of Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Poland, and Mexico. Argentina will be considered the best team in this group by a landslide, considering the frightening form they are in right now. They are expected to be one of the strongest teams in the entire tournament. Poland and Mexico will be looking to grab that second spot for qualifying for the knockout stage, while Saudi Arabia might be interested in causing some upsets for others.


Group D includes France, Denmark, Australia, and Tunisia. The reigning world champion France is expected to top this group; however, Denmark looks like a team wanting to prove a point against strong competitors. Therefore the fight for the 1st and 2nd places will be mainly between these two nations, with Australia and Tunisia occupying the 3rd and 4th spots as per their performance in the tournament.


Spain, Germany, Japan, and Costa Rica are forming group E. Spain and Germany are two favorites to qualify for the next round of the competition, with Japan looking to spoil the party for these two nations. Costa Rica will have a hard time considering the squads of the other three nations. Spain and Germany both have the potential to go all the way to the final.


With teams like Belgium, Croatia, Canada, and Morocco, this group is going to be a tough one. Belgium and Croatia are the two teams expected to qualify, but Canada has the resume worthy enough to spoil the game for these two. Morocco hopes to get the better of Canada at least and prove a point of its capabilities.


Brazil, Switzerland, Cameroon, and Serbia are the four nations in this group. Brazil is looking the strongest among this bunch, considering their excellent form in recent years, and is expected to qualify in the 1st spot easily. Switzerland coming from a very inspiring and rather successful Euro campaign, will be looking to get the better of Cameroon and Serbia and heading into the next round. Things might be difficult for Cameroon and Serbia.


Portugal will be looking to top this group easily, considering the quality squad they have. South Korea, Ghana, and Uruguay can qualify in the 2nd spot. The competition for that second spot is going to be fierce, and fans should expect some surprises coming from this group.
The group stage will be followed by the round of 16, quarter-final, semi-final, and final. Fixtures have been decided, and all left for these nations is to play their hearts out to get that golden trophy.

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