Chelsea Is Working On Anthony Gordon Deal: Ready To Spend Fortune To Acquire The English Gem!!

Chelsea wants to acquire the English Gem Anthony Gordon at all costs. They are ready to spend a fortune if it becomes necessary. The start of this season for Chelsea is far from satisfactory. The previous weekend was a stunner for the blues when they lost heavily to Leeds. Before that, they had to work hard at Derby against Tottenham for a 2-2 draw. The team’s recent run was enough for the club to realize they need reinforcement on an urgent basis. That’s why they have doubled their effort to bring the English winger to their side.

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Chelsea Offer To The Anthony Gordon

As per the reports, the blues are ready to shed around €60 million, which includes €10 million as performance for the Everton winger. Thomas Tuchel is pushing hard and is confident the blues will be able to seal the transfer of Anthony Gordon, despite Everton rejecting the offer two times in the previous month.

Gordon already values €50 Million, and Chelsea is more than willing to match the number with add-ons, potentially increasing the overall offer.

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Frank Lampard’s stance on Chelsea’s offer for the English winger

The Toffees have rejected Chelsea’s offer of €40 million for Gordon. Frank Lampard was hoping that the figure in the line of €60-€70 million would deter any suitors looking to steal the winger. Frank Lampard, on many occasions, has insisted that Gordon remains in Everton.

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Talking to reporters, Lampard said, “Everyone knows there’s interest from Chelsea, it’s very public now, but he’s our player. It’s as simple as that.” He further said, “He was on the bench [because] he had a bit of an issue with his heel after the game against Forest; we kept him out of it completely unless he was needed tonight, I didn’t feel he was.”

However, the Toffees’ plan didn’t appear to have worked as Chelsea agreed to match the amount.

Is Gordon completely ready with the deal?

Despite the management and coach’s continuous rejection of Chelsea’s offer, Gordon is interested in the deal. The 21-year-old winger deleted Everton from his Instagram bio this Monday, hinting that the transfer will finally happen.

Anthony kick-started his career with Envorton in 2020, earning praise for his performance. The midfielder was a worthy player and attracted other clubs’ attention too. Soon enough, Chelsea, looking to strengthen its midfield game, requested a transfer. However, Everton rejected the offer.
Frank Lampard was reported to have said, “Gordon is our player; everyone knows Chelsea’s interest… “. He also added: “We have a good relationship, ideally [a quick resolution to the situation], or we keep going, and he’s our player .”

Frank Lampard’s words signified the value of Gordon in Everton. The coach hoped Gordon could push his career further up with Everton and boost his value with each passing game. However, it’s now apparent that Gordon is more than willing to leave the Toffees and join the blue.

Everton has offered a swap deal to Chelsea in return for an English winger’s transfer.

It was apparent that Everton wanted to hold on with its Winger, Anthony Gordon. However, the continuous bombardment of offers from Chelsea appears to have worked, and the Toffees seem ready to let go of their winger. However, Everton hopes also to squeeze out some benefits from the deal. That’s why they have offered a swap deal in return for Gordon’s transfer. Everton has asked to include a loan deal of Conor Gallagher or Armando Borja with the Anthony Offer.

Chelsea has already clarified that they are willing to offer €60 million for Gordon. However, Everton wants more and not but with a player loan. Everton has requested either Gallagher or Broja on loan as part of the deal.

The duo was on loan to Crystal Palace and Southampton respectively in the previous Premier League season, and they both enjoyed the loan spells.
Gallagher won Crystal Palace Player of the season, while Borja displayed excellent form scoring nine goals during his stay with the Saints last season.

Gallagher made his debut in Chelsea’s game against Leeds United last weekend this season. On the other hand, Borja has joined the game as a substitute for Thomas Tuchel’s team twice this season.

In Summary

Chelsea is looking for young players to include in their side under Boehly. Gordon is part of their plan; however, they were unsuccessful in including him in the team till now. But the situation has changed, and it is expected that Gordon will soon don the blues’ jersey.

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