A number of British bookmakers including Betfair have revised their odds slightly downwards on Juventus winning the Champions League this year, as news emerged last night that the Las Vegas Police Department has formally issued a warrant to Christiano Ronaldo for a DNA sample in relation to an alleged case of rape involving the Portugese striker.

Previously quoted at 113/17 (representing an implied probability of 13.1%), Betfair is now pricing the outcome at odds of 130/19 (implied probability of 12.8%). Odds on Juventus carrying off this year’s Serie A, however, remain unchanged as the Zebre of Torino currently enjoy a nine point advance on their nearest rivals, Napoli.

The impact of the announcement has also had some impact on the markets, with Juventus’ share price having suffered a 3% overnight decline.

“Pure Invention”

A legal spokesman for Ronaldo has released a statement to the BBC, conceding that the Portugese Striker had reached a financial agreement with the plaintiff in 2009 in order not to pursue the matter further.

The statement added that the allegations of rape were a “pure invention”, and that Ronaldo himself is claiming that the sexual encounter was entirely consensual.

However, it now appears that the plaintiff’s current legal team is arguing that the initial agreement had been reached under circumstances of unusual psychological pressure exerted on the alleged victim who has now asked for the matter to proceed according to standard legal avenues.