Carl Frampton

Carl Frampton and Josh Warrington will be taking the boxing public into the ring with them over this Christmas period as the two men go head-to-head in what BBC sports commentator Mike Costello has described as likely “the best fight in Britain this year.”

Whilst Frampton is the bookie’s favourite at an odds-on of 4/9 [implied probability: 70%], the Belfast man has made no secret of the fact that this will be a career-defining moment for him, having hinted in an interview with BBC Northern Ireland that a loss could see him hanging up his gloves for good.

“I just can’t see myself starting from scratch again,” he said, speculating on what his future would be should Warrington pull off a surprise win.

Warrington Not to Be Ruled Out

A surprise win is not entirely out of the question for some punters, with nearly half of all bets so far placed on the fight going on Warrington despite his clear underdog status at 7/4.

But whilst the Leeds man will be the weaker fighter on paper on December 22 as he steps into the Manchester Arena with Frampton, he may just be buoyed by the occasion itself – “I’m one fight away really from putting myself as a world name in boxing. Beating Carl puts me up there,” he stated in an interview with the Independent. He will also be bringing with him a 27-match unbeaten record into the fray.

At 31 years of age, Frampton, on the other hand, is an old hand and has established himself as one of Ireland’s legendary names in boxing. But, whilst some might suspect that “he has seen better days” – Warrington’s own words – his otherwise modest character does not suffer arrogance lightly when it comes from his opponents.

“I have been respectful to him [Warrington] from the start,” Frampton states, “but right from our first press conference I have got this feeling that he is trying his best to hold back his natural arrogance and he’s finding it harder and harder to keep it at bay.”

If Warrington did have the upper-hand in the motivation stakes, his ego may just have negated what slender advantage it had lent to him.