Ben Askren

Ebullient wrestler Ben Askren may have only had one fight in the UFC but he has already made enough noise for fans to think that he’s been around forever. Equally well known for his  outrageous confidence, and way with a quick insult, as he is for his unbeaten MMA record, Askren has already firmly established himself as a fan favourite. 

Those anxious to see what the fuss is about will not have to wait long. Askren’s next fight is scheduled for UFC 239 in Las Vegas, where he will take on Jorge Masvidal. Whatever happens in the Octagon on July 6th, Askren is certainly getting the most attention.

It even seems that the frosty relationship that Askren has had with UFC boss Dana White is now beginning to thaw. At a recent press conference to promote his next fight, Askren had himself crowned the winner by White as Masvidal had failed to show up. 

But Masvidal Awaits…

Everything seems to be going Askren’s way at the moment, and bookmakers predict that it will stay that way, at least for a while. According to SkyBet, Askren is currently a 4/9 favourite for his upcoming bout. However, Masvidal, now priced at 13/8, has made a habit recently of defying the odds. He was a 19/10 underdog against Darren Till and went on to win that fight in spectacular fashion. 

Whoever wins, fans can be confident that Askren will have something outrageous to say about it.