Sangyeon (THE BOYZ) offers a meal to an elderly person he met on the street; Internet users welcome his gesture

Sangyeon recently did a good deed that earned him lots of compliments.

Not long ago, the member of THE BOYZ was enjoying a vacation with his family, and he made people talk about him following a nice gesture made during his vacation.

It was his sister who revealed the story on the internet. Sangyeon’s sister revealed that she was with him in a car, and that he got out to get drinks.

However, she eventually saw him heading off towards some stairs, then walking away alongside an elderly person, heading for a restaurant.

A little worried, the sister of THE BOYZ member reveals that she tried to call him several times, without getting an answer, before he finally answered.

In the excerpt of their exchange revealed by Sangyeon’s sister, the boy explains to her that the elderly person had apologized for asking him to eat but that she was too hungry. Sangyeon therefore accompanied the elderly person to the nearest restaurant and offered him a meal, thus showing his kindness.

Following this, Sangyeon’s attitude was widely praised on South Korean community sites.

On Pann Nate in particular, a post about it gathered more than 84,000 views, post in which netizens expressed how beautiful and kind Sangyeon’s gesture was, and showed his big heart.

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