Is Ranboo A Lesbian? Is He okay With The Gay Label? Height, Age, And Wealth

As of late, Ranboo, a Minecraft streamer, and YouTuber has seen his fame soar.

Since joining the Dream SMP server, TommyInnit and Tubbo have become close friends and he has gained a lot of notoriety for himself through that community.

People on the Dream SMP server have praised him for his excellent roleplaying and storytelling.

Ranboo’s Story

Ranboo is homosexual. Ranboo’s Twitch charity stream lasted 10 hours and broke numerous records, netting him over 100,000 paid subscribers in a single month.

Is Ranboo A Lesbian Is He okay With The Gay Label Height, Age, And Wealth

As a result of his exceptional distribution rate, his hype education percentage was 100,529 percent.

Ranboo’s YouTube Channel

As Ranboo’s channel continues to grow at an exponential rate, the range calculated will expand significantly over the next few months. From his main YouTube channel, he makes $8.7k to $10.3k in a month, and his annual profits are expected to be $104.4k to $123.6k. In the months to come, his earnings are certain to see a sharp increase as word of his fame spreads. Ranboo Live, his second YouTube channel, is no longer active.

Do You Know How Much Ranboo Makes?

As an American YouTuber, Ranboo, 18, is currently residing in Brighton, UK. As a popular YouTuber, he has tens of thousands of subscribers as well as thousands of views and streams on Twitch and Discord.


It was on January 30, 2020, that he became the first person to sign up for a YouTube account called “Ranboo.” Over sixty-six million people have viewed his videos on YouTube.

CareerAand Net Worth Of Ranboo

As of 2022, Ranboo’s net worth is estimated at $5 million. A lot of money is made by the Minecraft streamer and YouTuber on a regular basis, but there is no information available about his sponsorship deals.

Currently, the American content writer has teamed up with YouTubers to launch his own line of plushies and has also held a giveaway for this plushie giveaway. Ranboo has also had LED billboards promoting his Minecraft character displayed in urban areas.

His girlfriend, his wife, and his children

There is no information to go on. Ranboo is homosexual.

Ranboo Facts And Figures

On Twitter, Ranboo finally reveals his homosexuality. He’s been dropping hints about his sexuality for a while now, but in his most recent post, he came out and proudly claimed the label of “Gay.”

His tweets have gone viral, garnering over 9000 retweets and 600 quote tweets in the time since they were first posted.

Meanwhile, other fans are overjoyed that he’s joining their team of favorite men.


For his Minecraft content, Ranboo is a popular YouTuber and Twitch streamer. His phone call isn’t taken into account.

He is 18 years old and previously lived in the San Francisco Bay Area before moving to Brighton, England, earlier this month.

A Skywars gameplay video was his first YouTube video, which he uploaded in August of that year. Twitch streaming began the following month.


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