Omarosa Manigault, former contestant of the The Apprentice (American Series) who subsequently became director of communications of the Office of Public Liaison for the Trump administration in January 2017 before resigning eleven months later, may just have thrown up the biggest clue yet to the identity of the New York Times’ explosive Open Editorial published on Wednesday.

Whilst the bookies have been laying down their own odds on who was behind the piece – with most placing vice president Mike Pence as favourite with odds as short as 1/2 –  Manigault offered up some inside knowledge of her experience at the White House during her appearance on MSNBC’s Hardball which may indicate that most bettors are off track.

“Came out of Vice President’s Office”

“The style of the writing reminds me of documents and memos and emails that came out of the Vice President’s office,” she stated in the MSNBC discussion, whilst offering up further commentary on why she felt it unlikely to be Pence himself.

If her instinct is correct, then the list of possible candidates has now widened, given the Vice President’s numerous staff. However, working from the assumption that it is the Vice President himself who stands most to gain from a potential Trump removal – not necessarily implying that Pence himself would be for such a strategy but some-one in his team may be – then one candidate, according to this logic, could stand out.

Pence’s current Chief of Staff, Nick Ayers, is likely to have the trust of Donald Trump, having fronted the non-profit America First Policies, an outfit set up to support the agenda of the Trump presidency in early 2017.

Ayers is known, then, to have no fundamental disagreements with Trump on policy itself – in line with the tone of the entire editorial – but it may be his known Christian affiliations that have encouraged him to act on “the root of the problem .. the president’s amorality,” as the open-ed states.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is running a close second on Pence at odds of 3/1. However, the best value bet itself may be Trump’s own Chief of Staff John Kelly who is being assigned odds in some quarters as long as 5/1.