Trump Impeachment

The odds of a Trump first term impeachment have crashed in a matter of hours from 4/1 to evens as the White House seeks to manage the continuing fall-out from today’s leaked copy of the Mueller Report.

Mueller himself has released a joint statement with Attorney General William Barr, indicating that the leaked contents are not a copy of the final report submitted to the Department of Justice last week but of its initial draft.

However, commentators in Washington have expressed skepticism about the claims coming from Mueller’s office whilst a number of House Democrats are already believed to be in discussion behind closed doors tonight, deliberating over next steps.

WikiLeaks Link

The leaked contents refer to an alleged cheque signed by Trump himself in 2016 for the sum of $8 million and paid into a Siberian bank account held by Jurgi Asimov, a Russian citizen of no fixed abode believed by the CIA to be a pseudonym for Wikileaks’ Julian Assange.

However, the Wikileaks connection has been questioned by former M16 chief Arty Fischel. Speaking to the BBC late this afternoon, Fischel claimed that most intelligence sources had indicated that Assange only receives payments in cryptocurrency, and that it was unlikely that the Australian transparency activist possessed a physical bank account.

“Assange’s assets are thought to have dropped over 95% on the back of last year’s cryptocurrency crash, but he continues to privilege payments in Bitcoin and other, similar cryptocurrencies because of the anonymity they afford,” stated Fischel in conversation with Odds Digest this afternoon.

Trump, on the other hand, continues to remain silent on today’s development, a move which has provoked confusion in some quarters and has aroused suspicion in others.

The US President is currently golfing at El Dia de Los Inocentes, a newly-opened golf resort that neighbours his own at Mar El Lago, where he claimed via his Twitter account to have bagged a hole-in-one with his first tee off.  Trump Tweet