Trump Impeachment

Trump Impeachment Odds Reach All Time Low After Ukraine Scandal

Traders on PredictIt, a US-based "political stock market", are currently selling a Trump impeachment outcome at 72 cents - corresponding to a 72% market-defined...
Harriet Harman

Harriet Harman Among Bookmakers’ Favourites for Next Speaker of the House

With John Bercow announcing yesterday that he is stepping down as Speaker of the House - a MC of sorts for the UK parliament...
Boris Johnson

Parliamentary Suspension Results in Brexit Odds Markets Shake-up

Boris Johnson's announcement this afternoon of his intentions to suspend parliament has resulted in a series of drastic revisions for Brexit odds markets. The move,...
2020 Election Map

The Swing States for 2020 are Arizona, Florida and North Carolina, Say Bookmakers

We know that Donald Trump won the 2016 US elections by the tightest of margins. His majorities were so razor thin that had 77000...
Elizabeth Warren

Democratic Nomination: Warren Now Leads The Pack – and Bookmakers (Finally) Agree

According to PredictIt, a trading platform for political outcomes, Elizabeth Warren has emerged as the most likely candidate to obtain the Democratic Party's nomination...
Biden vs. Warren

Warren Neck-and-Neck with Biden in Democratic Nomination Race, Say Bookmakers

Elizabeth Warren is now neck-and-neck with Joe Biden in the race for the Democratic nomination, according to British bookmaker Smarkets which uses Wisdom-of-the-Crowd methodology to...

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