White Christmas
White Christmas

With the return of the colder weather, bookies have had to revise their odds on a UK White Christmas.

A White Christmas is defined as any snow falling on Christmas Day – it does not need to coat the ground. According to the standard rules, if the ground is already covered with snow, but no snow falls on Christmas Day, then it does not qualify as a White Christmas.

No British film set at Christmas time is complete without snow. However, snow on Christmas Day is a much rarer event than most realise. The last time snow fell throughout the country was back in 2010, a highly unusual occurrence.

The Beast Returns

Temperatures in the UK are set to plunge next week and snow is forecast on the higher grounds of England, Wales and Scotland. Freezing winds are coming in from northern Europe in a return of the so-called “Beast from the East” which brought unusually cold weather to much of the country earlier in the year.

Both SkyBet and William Hill are taking bets for locations throughout the UK, with William Hill currently offering the more generous odds. The most likely candidates for snow are Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh, which are 2/1 with SkyBet and 3/1 with William Hill. Odds on snow falling on Heathrow airport in London range between 4/1 at SkyBet, 5/1 at Ladbrokes and 8/1 with William Hill.