Angela Ponce


The odds markets for the Miss Universe Pageantry over the course of the last twenty four hours have witnessed prices dropping sharply in favour of Spanish entry, Angela Ponce.

Ponce, who is challenging to become the competition’s first ever transgender winner was previously quoted as high as 66/1 by some bookmakers as late as yesterday morning, but has now seen her odds slashed to 11/2 by Betfair, representing a jump in the implied probability of the outcome from 1.5% to 15% – a tenfold increase.

Miss South Africa Remains Favourite

Such dramatic changes in odds markets over such a short period of time usually indicate at least one of two events – new information emerging and/or a sharp increase in the volume of bets made on the outcome.

The changes on Betfair – whose prices are dictated by the platform’s users – appear to suggest that the swing has been driven by an unusually high volume of interest in the outcome, which may indicate in turn that new information has been circulating within professional betting circles.

Despite Ponce’s recent surge, however, South African Tamaryn Green continues to hold ground as the bookies’ general favourite,  with some offering odds as low as 3/1, falling from a lowest price of 6/1 in early December.

The Miss Universe Pageant is due to be held on December 17th at the Muang Thong Thani complex in Bangkok, Thailand.