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Denise Coates, Joint CEO of online betting platform Bet365, earned the equivalent of £725,000 per day in fiscal year 2017/2018.

The figures, reported by the BBC, make Ms Coates by far the highest paid executive in the United Kingdom, with her earnings outstripping the combined salaries of Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo and Conor McGregor.

Bet365 is a non-public company which was established in 2000, and is the largest employer in its home city of Stoke with over 4000 employees on its books.

Bet365 Meeting Tax Obligations

Whilst the Coates family has come in for criticism for rewarding itself “exorbitant” compensation packages, others have pointed out that the Bet365 group has been transparent with its tax obligations.

Ms Coates alone paid over £80m in taxes to the UK government over the course of fiscal year 2017/2018 – in comparison to £1m paid by Amazon UK and £15m by Facebook over the same period – whilst her company has also paid out £75m to its own charitable fund.

The UK gambling industry was worth £14bn in 2017, according to the UK’s Gambling Commission, of which 35% is generated by online activity.