With only four countries currently in the running, British bookmakers are already agreeing that Brisbane will make for the most likely destination of the 2032 Summer Olympics.

India, Germany and Australia have all declared their formal interest in a making a submission to the IOC, whilst the two Koreas have agreed – at least on paper – to making a joint submission at a later date.

After a successful rapprochement between the two countries following the North’s participation in the South Korean-hosted Winter Olympics of 2018 – as well as some warming of relations between the two on the geopolitical stage  – the slush money may find itself attracted to arguably the most attractive offer on the current list, at odds of 3/1.

Bookies in Alignment

Both Betfair and Paddy Power, the only bookies to offer markets on the 2032 outcome at this stage,  are quoting, however, Australia as their outright favourites at 2/1 for reasons which remain unclear.

The two British bookmakers’ odds are also in perfect alignment for the remaining candidates on the list. Germany, which is boasting that it already has the necessary infrastructure in place, is priced at 4/1.

And India, which could struggle with compiling a convincing submission due to a lack of infrastructure and continuing fall-out from the debâcle of its 2010 hosting of the Commonwealth Games, currently remains the outside candidate at 5/1.

Announcement of the winning application will be made in 2025.