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Chelsea Is On The Verge Of Signing An Agreement For Brighton’s Marc Cucurella!!

The football club Chelsea has reportedly confirmed their agreement with Brighton & Hove Albion, the Premier League Club, for their left-back player Marc Cucurella.

Chelsea overtook the Blues, who were at the front in finalizing the contract with Brighton on Wednesday. However, The Seagulls had already made their public statement revealing that the terms were not finalized. 90 min can now be guaranteed that Brighton’s defender would be paid 55 million pounds with additional add-ons- of possible 7 million pounds.

In short, Cucurella is entering into a deal with Chelsea that would probably cross the 60 million pounds mark, which was the max so far.

Chelsea Are ‘Close’ To Agreement For Brighton’s Marc Cucurella

Chelsea agreement with Marc Cucurella!!

The 24-year-old, who was originally the player of Brighton, has gotten the club’s consent to travel to London and the player has already got done with the medicinal procedures.

Cucuralla would be packing the bags on Wednesday with the approved permission of the former club, despite him agreeing to the terms and conditions of Chelsea.

On Saturday, Cucuralla would be seen playing for his updated team at Everton as Chelsea was planning to do the season opener. However, the sudden U-turn to Stamford Bridge made by the dynamite player would only be confirmed by Friday.

The Chelsea-Cucurella agreement has been a buzz among others including the celebrities Scott Saunders, Sean Walsh, and Graeme Bailey, who has been constantly spilling about the topic and the transfers.

The trio has been doing the title-tattle about Chelsea signing Wesley Fofana.

With the sudden swerve of Cucurella to Stamford Bridge, the center-back player of Chelsea, Levi Colwill, will lead the other way. The decision was tied up after the heated deal, although both Brighton and Chelsea have had a whale of a time in coming up with it.

The clubs have made a certain alteration following the turnover of Cucurella on the terms of the super hyped player, Colwill, as they have agreed on a straight loan now. Initially, Colwell was supposed to arrive with a buy-back clause permanently.

However, the entire term has not been finalized yet, and the paperwork is still in progress, excluding the buying option fully from the so-mentioned deal.

Perhaps, Brighton might come up with an updated agreement for Colwill so that he can make his entry at Manchester United on Sunday.

Currently, Chelsea is entering into a contract with Brighton for their strong player, Cucurella, by loaning Colwill, which will enable the young defender to join Brighton in the coming season.

It was thought that Cucurella had finished his procedures in teaming up with Chelsea. Still, now it seems that a few more procedures are following up as Brighton has denied the statement considering the stalling of Colwill.

The confusion arose right when it was revealed that Brighton would not get Colwill to play for them permanently, in fact, he will only be loaned to the club.

Immediately, the terms among Chelsea-Cucurlla and Brighton-Colwill would be confirmed so that the players could play for the respective teams on the weekend match.

According to the transfer guru, Fabrizio Romano, an Italian journalist, the agreement was in the advanced stage, with only a few more approvals and paperwork pending.

It seems that the decisive statement would be announced on Friday, prior to the match on Saturday, where the long-term defensive target, Cucurella would play for Chelsea.

However, Chelsea has a history of ditching at the very end moment as they have often switched from several deals taking a drawback. There is still a fear of whether Chelsea would lose their man at the last minute.

There are headlines claiming that the delay in the agreement was the utmost result of Cucurella forcing his original team, Brighton, to release a late-night statement. The speculations are heard about each party in conjunction with the hindrance.

The Colwill deal was neither fast as Chelsea was not willing to permanently give away their younger luck, aged 19, to Brighton.

They have also compelled Brighton to make a sky-high payment for Colwill, which would cost around 160 million pounds for Brighton under its new owner Todd Boehly.

The previously agreed loan amount was 52.5 million. However, Chelsea was prompting the broker to heighten up the amount even more.

This year, Chelsea has spent a higher amount when compared to the other teams. Including Cucurella, the club has brought 5 new players to the team, which is the grounds for the unmatched expenses incurred by Chelsea in 2022.

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