Kenan Thompson Divorce – SNL Star Splits From Wife Christina Evangeline

Kenan Thompson of Saturday Night Live and his wife Christina Evangeline have divorced.

Kenan Thompson and his wife Christina Evangeline are reportedly divorcing after ten years of marriage.

The Saturday Night Live performer and interior designer are separating, according to a source close to the couple. The pair, who had been married for 15 years, has reportedly been separated for more than a year but has yet to file divorce papers.

A request for response from Thompson’s reps was not immediately returned.

Thompson, 43, and Evangeline, 33, dated for four years before married in November 2011 in a private ceremony at Atlanta’s Georgia Aquarium. The comedian and actress’s daughters are Georgia Marie, 7, and Gianna Michelle, 3.

Despite their somewhat private marriage, Thompson disclosed his wife’s first reaction to the concept of his comedy, Kenan, during an interview on The Tonight Show last year.

In the NBC comedy, Thompson portrays a widower father of two children who is juggling work and life as a single parent, which is the polar opposite of life with Evangeline, Georgia, and Gianna.

Thompson joked that she “didn’t enjoy it” when host Jimmy Fallon asked about his wife’s reaction to the sitcom’s plot.

“‘Oh, so you’re dead?” she inquired. Thompson said, “But, you know, she was just yelling at me.” “‘Yeah… it’s not you, you understand?’ I retorted. It’s all part of the show. It’s a very different scenario.'”

While the show “a tiny amount” depicts Thompson’s life as a “father of two girls,” it is nevertheless “totally different” from his own life, he noted.

“I’m the host of Atlanta’s No. 2 morning show, and I’m just trying to find a work-life balance while parenting my two girls without my best friend and partner.” “He revealed the plot of the program to Fallon. I’d never seen that… sort of developed in a sitcom before.”

While the series screenplay “mirrored” some of Thompson’s own experiences with fatherhood, much of it came down to “creative liberty,” he told Today at the time.

He remarked, “Thank God, my wife is still with me.”

According to people close to the marriage, they’ve been separated for more than a year and are successfully co-parenting their two children, Georgia and Gianna. Kenan has been working on his new program “Kenan” in Los Angeles, while Christina has been in New York.

Kenan has been a cast member on ‘SNL’ since 2003, following a succession of popular appearances on Nickelodeon programming. “What’s up with that?” says the narrator. His most well-known works are “Black Jeopardy!” and “Family Feud,” in which he impersonates host Steve Harvey.

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