Is Chrishell Strause And Jason Oppenheim Still Together!!

Speaking out about his breakup with Chrishell Strause, Selling Sunset’s star Jason Oppenheim reveals all. When it comes to starting a family, Jason Oppenheim and Chrishell have very different ideas about what they want. Chrishell is not happy that Jason Oppenheim does not want to be a father. On December 22nd, 2021, they announced their breakup in an Instagram post.

The post stated that they would remain best friends that Chrishell was the most amazing girlfriend she had ever had that it was the happiest relationship of his life and that they would continue to do so in the future.

Was Chrishell Strause And Jason Oppenheim Dating For a Long Time

It was just a few months ago that Chrishell and Jason began dating before the fourth season of Selling Sunset was even available to watch online. Chrishell and Jason’s romance was obvious to everyone except the girls at work, who were shocked to learn of it. Everyone wanted to know about their first kiss and wedding plans when the couple returned to Los Angeles.

Is  Chrishell Strause And Jason Oppenheim Still Together!!

Everyone on the set adored and idolized them and agreed that they would make a great power couple. It’s been difficult for Jason Oppenheim to move on from Chrishell, he says in an interview, and it’s been difficult for him to deal with the breakup. As far as he is concerned, Chrishell was the most serious relationship he has ever been a part of.

Netflix has released Sunset’s new season, which was shot several months before the couple broke up. He admits it’s difficult for him to watch the new season because of the flashbacks, but he’s glad it’s over and the fans seem to be enjoying it.

Did Their Relationship Crumbles After Chrishell Issues

Through the course of the season, viewers see other Oppenheim Group employees predict the wedding of Jason and Chrishell, with the couple even contemplating children. However, it’s heartbreaking to see how the relationship crumbles after Chrishell issues an ultimatum about having children. This time last year, the former Selling Sunset couple was spotted laughing and joking while discussing their future.

There were several episodes where Chrishell and Jason discussed the importance of raising a child. Initially, they had already decided on the baby’s name, but Jason had to step back due to his busy schedule. When Jason first introduced Chrishell to his mother, she called her “special” and said she wouldn’t be surprised if they married.

Whats Its End

After being caught on camera refusing to settle down or have a baby, Jason has now admitted in an interview with the new! magazine that he regrets ending the romance.

Their separation has made it easier for them to be in the same room, and they’re excited to see what the future holds.


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