Melania and Donald

Paddy Power has gone out on a limb once more with its special markets.

After having created a new market on whether Harry and Meghan’s new baby boy will go bald before William and Kate’s third child, Prince Louis, the Irish bookmaker appears now to have opened up a new series of special bets for US First Lady, Melania Trump.

First on its list is a market in which they are offering odds of 8/1 on whether Melania will be discovered to be having an affair during her husband’s first term.

PP’s wording, however, is a little bit stricter than a standard affair – a pay-out on the market would require any such a man to be discovered to be living with Melania herself.

Melania For President?

For punters who are not tempted by the odds, they may want to take note of another Melania PP market – odds of 200/1 are being offered on the First Lady running for president against her own husband.

On the other hand, whilst those odds imply a theoretical probability of one half of one percent on the outcome, in practice the real odds are zero – any candidate running for the highest office in the United States needs to have been born on US territory.

For punters who have already committed their money to the market, however, there may yet be hope. Whilst Melania is thought to have been born in Slovo Nesto, Slovenia, it is not clear on whether she has so far been able to produce a birth certificate to that effect.