Justin Bieber

Just last week we described the weekend’s matchup between Tony Ferguson and Cowboy Cerrone as “one of the most eagerly anticipated non-title fights of recent years.” However, as of today every potential fight in the UFC looks second best.

This morning Justin Bieber challenged Tom Cruise to an MMA fight.

With no buildup Bieber suddenly called out the ageless leading man.“Tom if you dont (sic) take this fight your (sic) scared,” the Canadian popster crowed.

At 5’9”, Bieber has two inches of height on Cruise, and more than 30 years of age. Nevertheless, Cruise is in excellent physical condition and is likely stronger. He also has years of High School wrestling behind him, which could allow him to control the fight, provided he can find a way past Bieber’s striking.

Bieber is known to have some boxing training, but the full extent of his combat skills are at present unknown.

Odds Favour the Wrestler

Irish bookmaker Paddy Power is already laying odds on the potential fight, with Cruise the favourite at 8/11. Justin Bieber is being offered at evens.

Conor McGregor, perhaps the biggest star in the history of MMA, quickly jumped in to offer promotional support. McGregor Sports and Entertainment would be willing to put on the event, provided Mr Cruise had “the sprouts” to fight in real life.

Should that deal fall through, Oscar De La Hoya has also offered his services through Golden Boy Boxing.

Tom Cruise has yet to respond to the bizarre challenge, though as a well known adrenaline junkie perhaps he could be tempted…