Eurovision Song Contest

Across the continent countries are busy finalising their entries for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. This weekend, the Dutch might just have picked the winner.

According to bookmaker William Hill, “Arcade”, to be sung by Duncan Laurence, is the new hot favourite to win over European hearts on Saturday May 18th. Arcade is being offered at 2/1, ahead of the previous favourite, “You Are the Only One” by Eurovision veteran Sergey Lazarev. The Russian entry has slipped into second place, with its odds lengthening from 3/1 to 9/2.

The Italian entry and early favourite, “Soldi” by Mahmood, remains at 12/1, though now finds itself sixth in the running.

Modern Euro Ballad

Though the Netherlands have won the event four times they are yet to score a victory in the modern era. Their most notable result in recent years was a second place finish in 2014 for “Calm After the Storm” by The Common Linnets. Dutch fans will be hoping that Duncan Laurence can break through and finally grab the top prize.

All entries outside of the “Big Five” will have to qualify via a semi-final. This should not prove too great a problem for the Netherlands this year. Laurence (real name: Duncan de Moor) has produced an inoffensive piece of euro-balladry which, thanks to modern production and Laurence’s charisma (and falsetto), should do well in the competition.

British fans may console themselves that the odds on the UK’s entry have not lengthened any further. According to the bookies  “Bigger Than Us” by Michael Rice remains equally unlikely to win at 50/1.