The joy of Eurovision is not just about who wins. Much of the fun to be had is in the mini-contests and rivalries present throughout the competition. For all of the UK’s underwhelming performances in recent years, finishing above Germany or France offers a little consolation.

Realising this, Sky Bet has created several new betting markets to better reflect the viewing experience. As well as offering odds on the winner (the Netherlands are still favourite at 7/4), Sky Bet is allowing punters to place bets on the top placed Baltic country, the top Balkan nation, and the winner from the “Big Five”.

Big Five Rivalry

According to Sky Bet, Italy, a previous favourite for the whole competition, will almost certainly finish first in the Big Five mini league. Italy are quoted at 2/7, with Spain at 6/1.

Though no one expects the British entry to win 2019’s contest — Sky bet is currently offering odds of 150/1 against such an occurrence — there are signs that it will at least finish ahead of Germany.

The German entry, a ballad to female empowerment called Sister, is a ballad to female empowerment. At 250/1 it is a huge underdog, though, frankly, we’ve heard worse. Sky Bet has the UK at 22/1 to win the the Big Five group with Germany at 25/1.

Greek Momentum

There is always grumbling among the Big Five that mutual support among the Balkan states leads to an overrepresentation of those countries in the final places. Even so, one of those countries must do better than the others. This year Greece is favoured to top this mini group, at odds of 1/2. Greece is also strongly favoured to win the first Eurovision semi final.