The New Season Of Annika Is On The Way!!! Release Date, Cast, Plot

Black Camel Pictures produces the British crime drama, Annika, for Alibi and All3Media. Nick Walker wrote the story of Annika. To break records and become Alibi’s most-watched drama, Annika featured Nicola Walker. It was praised by numerous publications for its uniqueness. When she first heard the story, Nicola Walker fell in love with Annika.

When Is The Release Of Annika season 2? Cast And Crew

When the final episode of the series aired, the viewers were left heartbroken but hopeful that Annika would return. If the first take is completed by October, the second season of Annika is expected to be released in the Summer of 2023. Annika Season 2’s release dates have yet to be confirmed.

The New Season Of Annika Is On The Way!!! Release Date, Cast, Plot

In Scotland, where the show’s main character, DI Annika Stranded, is filmed, Nicola Walker is anticipated to reprise her role. As expected, Jamie Sives, Katie Leung, Ukweli Roach, and Kate Dickie (Guilt) will all be back with her Marine Homicide Unit in the upcoming season (The Cry). Psychiatrist and love interest Dr. Jake Strathearn (Silvie Furneaux), as well as Morgan (Annika’s unstable daughter), may return (Paul McGann).

Plot Story

For the second season, the investigator Annika Stranded is anticipated to solve the crime mystery in her own unique way.

Morgan, a bright but unpredictable adolescent, is having a difficult time adapting to her new surroundings in Glasgow. A mother-daughter bond is a prominent theme throughout this musical’s interludes. The fact that Annika is a single mother with a lot on her plate makes her a powerful lady.

An unsolved murder and a guy pulled from the River Clyde with his throat cut by a harpoon put Annika in a race against time to find out what happened and stop any other victims. Upon the discovery of a man’s body in the Clyde, DI Annika Stranded and her colleagues are given their first case. In order to stop any further crimes from occurring, we must act quickly.

Season 2 Of Annika: Trailer

Neither a release date nor a trailer has been announced for Annika Season 2’s upcoming Season 2 trailer. A trailer would have to be released at some point before viewers could get their first glimpse of the series.


Based on the popular Radio 4 drama, Annika follows DI Annika Stranded as she commands a new Marine Homicide Unit. It was written by Nick Walker, a Pulitzer Prize-nominated author (MHU). It is the job of this unique unit to investigate all of the gruesome deaths that occur in Scotland’s waterways.

It is Annika who breaks the fourth wall throughout the series, revealing her acerbic thoughts on life, the case, and her brilliant but problematic teen daughter and equally skilled but unhappy coworkers.


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