Amber Heard’s Ex-Husband Johnny Depp Was Grilled For Four Days On The Stand Over Text Messages

When Johnny Depp appeared on the witness stand Monday to tell jurors that his libel lawsuit against his ex-wife had become his best chance to redeem himself, just hours after they heard audio clips of him berating his wife with coarse vulgarities in courtroom recordings, he spoke in an easygoing voice.

Know More About Johnny Depp And Amber Heard

Actor Johnny Depp has said that suing Amber Heard for a 2018 Washington Post op-ed piece in which she refers to herself as “a public figure symbolizing family abuse” was the “most effective time I became capable of fighting back and using my personal voice.”

As he continues to deny ever striking Heard, he accuses her of hurling paint cans and vodka bottles at him. When Depp and Heard spoke on the phone in an audiotape, she seemed to mock him and suggest that he might not be taken seriously or be taken seriously if he publicly portrays her as an abuser.

Amber Heard's Ex-Husband Johnny Depp Was Grilled For Four Days On The Stand Over Text Messages

As Heard states in the audio clip, “Tell them, I, Johnny Depp, am going through domestic abuse… and find out the number of folks considered with you.”

There were recordings of Depp discussing the potential for violence if their disagreements had been allowed to continue on Monday.

It’ll be carnage if I don’t go, Depp says in the tape. “The cult was on the island,” Depp declares.

“You’re fucking stupid,” he screams profanity at his wife in a number of these clips.

A clip played and Depp gasped on the stand. Heard again, he seemed to be holding back tears as he listened to the recordings for several reasons.

What Was The Text About

Depp tried to explain some of his crude words during a reroute on Monday afternoon. “I’m sorry that must be on the sector like peanut butter,” he said, adding that he frequently uses metaphors or internal jokes with pals.

And despite the fact that he taught people a lot at the time, he denied yet again that he sliced his finger during combat with Heard. He now claims that Heard sliced his finger with a bottle of alcohol he threw at him.

A number of texts between Depp and others about his drinking, drug usage, and contacts with his ex-wife, as well as his notes of apology to Heard and her father, have been viewed by the jury.

Even though he admitted to abusing a variety of narcotics, he called the claims leveled against him “grossly inflated.”

What He Claims

He claims the story led to his unfairly shattered fame, which turned him into a Hollywood outcast and cost him his lucrative role in the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean film series. Heard’s legal team claims that Johnny Depp is solely responsible for the actor’s tarnished reputation.


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